3 reasons to be excited about CBE in Moodlerooms

Blog Post created by pablo.borbon on Mar 27, 2017



In Moodlerooms 3.1 we introduced Competency Based Education (CBE) and Learning plan components. Here are 3 exciting reasons to be excited about it and an additional overview presentation that can be used freely.


1. Multiple components and configurations

Moodleroms CBE implementation provides flexibility in its components to put in place the CBE strategy that better fits organization's context. e.g. Modelling competency frameworks, creating learning plans templates, importing frameworks and having multiple configuration options.


2. Integration with courses, activities and resources

Learning plans and competencies are designed integrate with other Moodlerooms components such courses, activities and resource. This provides an opportunity to create great learning experiences that are coherent with the CBE strategy.



3. Reviewing mechanisms and roles


Whether it be that you're measuring competency completion from learning experiences on the platform or outside from it, Moodlerooms provides mechanisms to evaluate user proficiency and asses prior learning evidences. There are also automation rules for rating, manual review processes and different reviewing roles that allow work distribution or centralization as needed.



Be sure to check the Competency Based Education in Moodlerooms presentation to get more information about CBE in Moodlerooms.


Are you already using CBE in your initiative or are you planning to use it?


It would be great to hear from your experiences. Let's discuss!