The 3 pillars of our new community and the exciting road ahead!

Blog Post created by pablo.borbon on Feb 23, 2017



The Moodlerooms team is delighted to welcome you to the new Moodlerooms Community group in Blackboard Community!


To get started, we want to share the 3 pillars on which the new community is based and the things you can find here:


Find the information you need

In the community you can find relevant information for your Moodlerooms practice not only from the Moodlerooms team but also from other participants from different institutions and organizations. Some of the community features in this area include:

  • Information about Moodlerooms release schedules and notes.
  • Content about practices and recommendations.
  • Updates on Moodlerooms features, processes and services.
  • Ability to navigate through the most popular and most voted content.
  • Searching by tags representing topics or practices (e.g. CBE, Moodlerooms, Release Notes)
  • Ability to navigate through content featured by the community.


Share your experiences and ideas

Sharing your ideas helps you and others get better! Here’s how to get started at Moodlerooms community:

  • Create content and share it with the community
  • Start discussions, share ideas and engage into conversations
  • Vote in polls and share experiences
  • Ask questions or contribute with new approaches to answers


Connect with peers and Moodlerooms experts

Get to meet with colleagues who share the same professional interests and commitments in a range of institutions and organizations. Here are some examples of what you can do:

  • Follow other users and subscribe to their content
  • Engage into conversations via messages and @user mentions
  • Work in collaborative projects with other members of the community
  • Endorse skills and look for other people in the community that match a particular skill


We're really excited about the opportunities that this new space brings in terms of connecting with each other. Don't hesitate to let us know in the comments below what type of content are you more interested in or the things you would like us to cover first.


See you at the community!