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Forums now show up in "Deadlines" when an "expect completed on" date is set (YAY! I have been patiently waiting for this, so thanks to all who made it happen).   I've now got a marker who's asking a very good question: why don't my forums that require marking show up in my "Grading" menu?   I suspect this is a coding issue, but if anyone out… (Show more)
Click to view contentHi Community Members   I work in the Open Source Product Management team, based in Australia, and I have recently had a couple of questions about extending the formatting options in the Atto text editor, hence this post.   As you may be aware the Atto text editor is the default editor for Moodle. It was designed to help content creators in… (Show more)
Hi everyone,   Is there a way to choose which activities are included in the progress bar in the Personal Menu?   I have three assignments in a course, but students only need to complete one in order to move on to the next module. This means that students will never see a 100% complete progress bar, which is causing some confusion.   I… (Show more)
In the fall, we announced our partnership with Pronto, an instant messaging application that enables institutions to communicate with students in real-time. During this webinar, we will take a closer look at Pronto and its integration with Blackboard Learn (also available in Blackboard Open LMS). We will also hear from Dr. Carine Ullom of Ottawa…
Good morning OpenLMS Community Neighbors! Reaching out for your ideas and knowledge. We're testing ways to require an orientation course using restrictions within other courses. We chose to add an orientation profile field which can be used with restrictions. I tested a few of the field choices such as checkbox, drop-down menu, and text input.… (Show more)
/!\ Creating this idea at customer behalf   Hello,   We'd like to request an enhancement request, to Collaborate Ultra activity have an option to automatically start the recording when the session starts.   The recording is a very important resource, specially for the students whom were not able to join the session, and it's necessary to…
Click to view contentIt is common practice at my training providers (and elsewhere) to to divide the students within a unit/course into groups. A teacher is then assigned to each group (ie they are also added as a member of the Moodle group). This teacher is responsible for the marking of any assignments that are submitted by members of that group. The SNAP My Courses… (Show more)
PLD's are excellent ways of sparking engagement in a course. It would be great to be able to fire a PLD Alert based on the start date of a course rather than just a User Action or a specific date in time. This could be very helpful for: Reminding students who may not have logged into the system, Sending a reminder to all students about key…
Add the ability to specify a course shortname in a csv on an update. Conduit will import that contents of the referenced course into the updated course by copying the activities. This is similiar functionality to the course template functionality. The difference is that this will work on a update, rather than just in the initial creation of a…
Our institution has been looking at using Turnitin, mainly for the benefit of the Feedback Studio side of it. The Quickmark sets and originality reports would be helpful for our markers, as well as having an interactive rubric within the assigment. The app would also be helpful.   I know that Moodle has a version of this (PDF annotation), however… (Show more)
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