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Professors would like to be able to message all students in their courses using the internal system without having to be added as contacts to the students' accounts.
Comment autoriser l'accès aux cours depuis l'application mobile Moodle ou Blackboard Open LMS ?
Click to view contentHi folks, I am back and on the H5P train again. Just an update to kick things off, but I thought I'd start with a note about the more recent updates to H5P in Moodle/Open LMS. One of my favorite bits is the reporting views. They really feel so much more polished and clear, I am loving them.  From the Grader view in the gradebook, you can click… (Show more)
Click to view contentWe are super excited to announce that Open LMS 3.6 is coming October 10th for Sandbox sites and October 17 for production sites!   This release has a feature requested in this community among other exciting things!   Off topic, but we have relaunched our Youtube Channel! (Blackboard Open LMS - YouTube ) We have new content, including a list of… (Show more)
The following update Hotfix 10 Open LMS 3.6 MP1 will be released tonight. The hot fix addresses a backport of a Mahara fix to allow for portfolio sharing.  
What are some of the HE challenges institutions face? What advice could be given to meet those challenges? How long is the Bogota-Indianapolis trip?

We had the pleasure of hanging out with Brad to answer these questions during his visit to the Bogota office.
PLD's are excellent ways of sparking engagement in a course. It would be great to be able to fire a PLD Alert based on the start date of a course rather than just a User Action or a specific date in time. This could be very helpful for: Reminding students who may not have logged into the system, Sending a reminder to all students about key…
Clean and More Themes As part of the constant evolution of Moodle, Moodle HQ has decided to remove Clean and More themes from their codebase starting in Moodle 3.7. This change allows Moodle HQ to focus on the Boost theme and new themes with more modern technology and user experience. The Open LMS team has stated that we would support the Clean…
The following update Hotfix 9 Open LMS 3.6 MP1 was released. The hot fix addressed a backport of security fixes. 
Click to view contentIt is common practice at my training providers (and elsewhere) to to divide the students within a unit/course into groups. A teacher is then assigned to each group (ie they are also added as a member of the Moodle group). This teacher is responsible for the marking of any assignments that are submitted by members of that group. The SNAP My Courses… (Show more)
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