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In open forum activity the post titles appear in light grey font against white background when not hovered over with the pointer. Once your pointer is on top of the post which you want to read, the title font does turn to dark gray or black but otherwise the titles have a really bad contrast and may go unnoticed. This is in Snap theme and on my…
It is very convenient to be possible for conduit to create users even whose authentications are not conduit. But it is inconvenient and confusing to be impossible for conduit to delete users whose authentications are not conduit. It will be very convenient to be possible to delete.
I've created a content area with several assignment assessments for two groups I set up. It works great and they're easy to grade. However, one student sent me his submission (a PPX file) via email and I would like to submit it to one of my assignment assessments on his behalf. Is this possible? Thanks!
Hi folks, does anyone have the OpenLMS roadmap webinar recording to share? Thanks,
Today, part of the Open LMS dev team was involved in a hackathon event. The focus for this group: accessibility! There are some exciting results that we'll be sharing soon!

BTW, don't forget to check out our release notes for Open LMS 3.5 MP2! We have some cool improvements to share

    I am at the starting stages of conducting a project that will hopefully result in the selection of one theme for our campus.  There are currently three themes in use with no purposeful application or organizational structure.  we'd like to establish one (supported) theme for consistency purposes; resulting in less confusion among users and more… (Show more)
    Hi I have a couple of challenges related to the Open LMS, which I am trying to solve.   First challenge: I have a course with two groups. The course has several topics, some of which are for group A, some for group B and some for both groups. Is it somehow possible to hide topic from a course group? You can restrict access for sure, but the… (Show more)
    Our IT-teachers are asking for this plugin: Moodle plugins directory: Virtual programming lab VPL - Virtual Programming Lab - Home   Enable to edit the programs source code in the browser Students can run interactively programs in the browser You can run tests to review the programs. Allows searching for similarity between files. Allows…
    The default font size for the TinyMCE editor is unusually small and we've had requests from our campus accessibility team to have it increased. Although we can make stylesheet and CSS modifications to most of the theme through the boost custom theme options, TinyMCE HTML editor has it's own separate stylesheet that currently (per BB support) can…
    PLD's are excellent ways of sparking engagement in a course. It would be great to be able to fire a PLD Alert based on the start date of a course rather than just a User Action or a specific date in time. This could be very helpful for: Reminding students who may not have logged into the system, Sending a reminder to all students about key…
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