• How can I tell if an Attempt was created by the student or professor?

    I am working on a query to identify the last time a student submitted an assignment. I use the ATTEMPT table fairly heavily, but have discovered that if an instructor enters a grade of 0 for a non-submitted discussion...
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  • Moving to SaaS and DDA

    In the summer we will be moving from managed hosting with ASR to SaaS and the DDA.    Can anyone offer me any guidance on using DDA - what client are you using to run queries, any help guides etc? 
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  • External Grade Designation

    We use a third party application called StarFish.  This application pulls the grade from the column that's been set as the External Grade.  I need to pull a report from OpenDB that shows me which column in e...
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  • OpenDB SQL query: courses in which grading has occurred

    We need to get a list of IDs for courses in which there has been some grading activity (eg grades have been added to the Grade Centre by any means) within a specified time period (eg the past two academic years), for ...
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  • Any Tableau & Open Db Users?

    We are just starting to look at reporting from the Blackboard Learn Open Database. My institution has purchased access to it for a separate, wider learning analytics project but I'm keen that we take advantage for our...
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  • Determine Empty Courses

    I need to determine if certain courses are devoid of content at the start of term. Currently I use the following query which checks for zero course size and counts how many Grade Center columns there are. Blank course...
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  • Query that searches for content web links

    Hi everyone,   We had an interesting question from our librarians.  They are trying to identify courses that link to one of their resources. They provide a URL to the instructors and the instructors make th...
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  • Master Course Management Needs for Online Campus

    Greetings,   Our online campus has brought this need to our attention.  I am not sure if this would be better for the Data Reporting Group for MH as we do use OpenDB so I am cross posting this.   This i...
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  • Grade column report for all active courses

    Does anyone have a query to pull a particular grade column from all active courses using a date range,  with the following information displayed: student first name, last name, course id weighted grade colum...
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  • Reporting on tool usage within courses

    We are currently completing a full audit of all Blackboard courses, and are looking for a quick way to find out which courses have used interactive tools.  We're looking to report on whether each course has activ...
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  • How are you reporting/tracking Ultra course conversion?

    We are starting to layout plans to move to Ultra.  Has anyone figured out how to determine the status of a course after the switch to Ultra Experience ?    I thinking that we would need to understa...
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  • Report on Course Structure

    Hi All, We are currently auditing the content opf our Bb courses and are looking to run a query which would return the course structure of each of our Bb Courses. We are looking to get the Course Menu items, Content...
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  • Are there plans to re-initiate the monthly meetings?

    The current Collab Ultra meeting room has expired. Will there be any future meetings?
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  • I'm just getting back into ASR since 2011. Is there updated resource info?

    I'm just getting back into ASR since 2011. I took a look at the Featured content and it looks a little dated. Is there a more recent set of resources to get back into ASR on a managed hosted client?
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  • Topic Suggestions for October's Presentations

    Hey everybody, with our Back to School Season slowing down. Both Joel and I are ready to get back into the swing of things with our monthly Presentations. And we'd like to start off by polling the community for some t...
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  • Help with Data Request for Academic Research

    Hi all.   Wondering if anybody can help with the a query?   We are currently assisting an academic at our institution with some research regarding students engagement with online/blended learning materials...
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  • Tabs and Modules query

    Does anyone have a query for reporting on Tabs and Modules access?  I suspect I don't have access to the right tables as we only have ASR, but double checking before I give up! 
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  • Report

    Good Morning for all, The issue is faced with a student, he complains that he didn't see a quiz posted by an instructor in a specific time and date. The quiz display date is from 23/04/2018 until 23/04/2018 from 9:0...
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  • Content Collection SQL query similar to SysAdmin GUI Content Collection listing?

    in the system admin gui I am able to open a course and select the course contents listing to obtain a list of content items like this:   Course Content: W_ASV-133-03-JC-W18   FILE TYPE NAME EDITED SIZE ...
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  • Current Force Completion Tests?

    Hi all, I was looking for a way to see how many tests were deployed this semester that use forced completion. We have tons of courses that are created via course copy, so they will include dormant assessments using FC...
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