• The Ultra Course Experience and ods submission tables

    We use the ods submission tables to pull information on student access and report it to advisors.  Are the ods submission tables populated with course activity in the Ultra Course Experience like they are for Ori...
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  • Topic Suggestions for October's Presentations

    Hey everybody, with our Back to School Season slowing down. Both Joel and I are ready to get back into the swing of things with our monthly Presentations. And we'd like to start off by polling the community for some t...
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  • Report

    Good Morning for all, The issue is faced with a student, he complains that he didn't see a quiz posted by an instructor in a specific time and date. The quiz display date is from 23/04/2018 until 23/04/2018 from 9:0...
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  • Setting up ASR Connection

    I am using the document "Up_and_Running_with_ASR.pdf".  I have received my credentials to connect to the production instance, but I get a message "The network adapter could not establish the connection".  I ...
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  • Query secondary intitutional roles

    Hi all, This is not a question as much as a thank you to all who have helped me with OpenDB. Here is one of my first queries any suggestions for improvement are welcomed:   this give a list of users that have t...
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  • Rubric Scores Query

    This query returns the cell level data of rubric evaluations. It includes joins to the course, gradebook, user, and rubric details. I hope this proves useful to someone.   SELECT * FROM rubric_cell_eval INNER JOI...
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  • Looking to the future of Bb Learn Data Reporting User Group

    Hi Everybody!....*Hi Doctor Nick!*   As you all know, our monthly meeting is coming up this week, and with the change of organizational leaders in the Bb Learn Data Reporting User Group (me joining), I'd like to...
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  • Introduce Yourself!

    Welcome to the Bb Learn Data Reporting User Group! Whether you have been using the ASR, OpenDB, and/or BIRT tools for years, or you are new to these reporting tools, we would like you to actively engage with Blackboar...
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  • Grade Center grades query?

    Hello Blackboard Community,   Does anyone have a Direct Data Access (DDA) query that can list all courses which do not have any actual grades in the Grade Center?  We are trying to start requiring faculty u...
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  • Extracting Course IDS for specific faculty members

    Hi All,   We are using ASR DB. I am looking for a query to extract list of course ID's to which faculty members A,B,C are connected/enrolled to. If this query can also show me the courses that has content and co...
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  • OpenDB SQL: Courses Using Course Themes

    To prepare our campus in advance for the 2016 Bb Learn theme, we wanted to know which instructors and courses were using Course Themes. (Roughly 25%).   This query returns the course ID, theme name, and instruct...
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  • Monthly Presentation Canceled for September

    Hi All,   With the nature of Back to School Season in full swing, we will not be able to present this month and so we will be cancelling the Presentation for the Month of September. We hope to be back in full sw...
    created by hxnguyen
  • Add student forum attempts to an existing OpenDB query

    Miroslav Lulic,   I actually referred to this query yesterday and modified it with add the first and last name and targeting a set of Course IDs and a few other areas.   It was originally from this forum: St...
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  • Getting started with the BbVM

    In the user group session today I talked about the Virtual Machine and getting setup and some pitfalls I had.  Below is the reference material from the session and some of the current instructions from the Btbb a...
    created by jdiamant
  • Activity report

    Hello, I've run an activity report and received one from Behind the Blackboard.  Can someone help me interpret it?  If the information in the Data column says uploadAssignment, does that mean the student up...
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  • Daily Logins

    Wanted to share this as I think it is a helpful root query for other stuff you might want to do with Activity Accumulator.  As is, this simply provides a count of unique logins by date for the past 30 days, but y...
  • Course Contents Queries

    I came across this presentation online that has quite a few SQL queries in it: Open Database and DIY Analytics Here is a direct link to the queries: The SQL Server Query - Google Docs I haven't tested it yet becau...
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  • Query for Enrolment details

    Recently I've been helping a system admin investigate enrollment problems being experienced during SIS Complete Refresh processing.  The SIS error logs for Complete Refresh will have a log message at the end tell...
    created by jdiamant
  • Added category for SQL queries.

    Hello   During our first meeting after moving to the community site participants asked for a place to keep useful SQL queries.  Since then I have made the new location within the Categories section.  F...
    created by jdiamant