• Course Contents Queries

    I came across this presentation online that has quite a few SQL queries in it: Open Database and DIY Analytics Here is a direct link to the queries: The SQL Server Query - Google Docs I haven't tested it yet becau...
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  • Gradebook score provider and Content Handler counting (OpenDB)

    This query gives a list of all gradebook score providers (and their item counts) for all courses that match the pattern '%-20168' SELECT sp.name, gm.score_provider_handle, count(gm.pk1) FROM bb_bb60.course_main cm INN...
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  • Query for Enrolment details

    Recently I've been helping a system admin investigate enrollment problems being experienced during SIS Complete Refresh processing.  The SIS error logs for Complete Refresh will have a log message at the end tell...
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  • Common Queries

    Hello The provided TXT file contains a list of useful queries collected by a Blackboard Managed Hosting representative some time ago. On reviewing the list most of them should work while some will not.  Many of...
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  • Added category for SQL queries.

    Hello   During our first meeting after moving to the community site participants asked for a place to keep useful SQL queries.  Since then I have made the new location within the Categories section.  F...
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