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In preparation for the Course Cartridge EOL in December, I want to make sure we've contacted instructors using cartridges now. I ran a quick and dirty query, select cd.*, cm.course_id, cm.course_name, cm.dtmodified from BB_BB60.cartridge_download cd, bb_bb60.course_main cm where cd.crsmain_pk1 = cm.pk1 order by cm.course_id desc but I don't feel… (Show more)
I am working on a query to identify the last time a student submitted an assignment. I use the ATTEMPT table fairly heavily, but have discovered that if an instructor enters a grade of 0 for a non-submitted discussion thread, that gets recorded as an attempt with a grade of 0. When it is an assignment (other than a discussion) there is no attempt… (Show more)
Hi! We would like to begin gathering information regarding how many users access the system through computers versus mobile devices. Can this information be gathered through ASR? If so, is there a query that can be shared? Or, is it a Blackboard report request?  The authentication logs only provide an IP number and does not differentiate if the… (Show more)
Does anyone happen to have a SQL query to report a Building Block's usage (the building block name would be part of the query) showing the building block name, date modified, hits in the last year, node, course id, and instructor?   Thank you in advance.   Regards, Jane
We use the ods submission tables to pull information on student access and report it to advisors.  Are the ods submission tables populated with course activity in the Ultra Course Experience like they are for Original Experience courses?
Looking for institutions who have implemented procedures to move data from the SaaS Open Database (DDA/PostgreSQL) environment to an Oracle based warehouse/reporting database.      What method(s) do you use to transfer?
Occasionally, we find that Blackboard or one of their partners has introduced a new Building Block and made it available on our system without much notice. We want a quick way to verify any new B2s, and that building blocks remain available and settings haven't changed after a SaaS CD upgrade. We are not using Ultra. One way we've found is to… (Show more)
In the summer we will be moving from managed hosting with ASR to SaaS and the DDA.    Can anyone offer me any guidance on using DDA - what client are you using to run queries, any help guides etc? 
We have a SME who requires a matrix to determine which questions/engagement that users are having difficulty with so they know what needs additional information/clarification in the training component when it is updated next year.  Obviously, we can pull SCORM reports for individual users through the course that tells us  what a user got correct… (Show more)
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