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Hi! We would like to begin gathering information regarding how many users access the system through computers versus mobile devices. Can this information be gathered through ASR? If so, is there a query that can be shared? Or, is it a Blackboard report request?  The authentication logs only provide an IP number and does not differentiate if the… (Show more)
We're trying to pull a list of users who have earned badges (achievements) in our SaaS environment.  However, we are receiving an error that the ach_notification table does not exist.  I'm not certain if other tables/columns are not the same.  We've reviewed the schema for MH which we were told is almost the same as SaaS - - guess this is one of… (Show more)
I am working on a query to identify the last time a student submitted an assignment. I use the ATTEMPT table fairly heavily, but have discovered that if an instructor enters a grade of 0 for a non-submitted discussion thread, that gets recorded as an attempt with a grade of 0. When it is an assignment (other than a discussion) there is no attempt… (Show more)
In the summer we will be moving from managed hosting with ASR to SaaS and the DDA.    Can anyone offer me any guidance on using DDA - what client are you using to run queries, any help guides etc? 
We need to get a list of IDs for courses in which there has been some grading activity (eg grades have been added to the Grade Centre by any means) within a specified time period (eg the past two academic years), for courses with a specific subset of DSKs. If there was also some indication of "how much" grading has occurred in each course, that… (Show more)
We are just starting to look at reporting from the Blackboard Learn Open Database. My institution has purchased access to it for a separate, wider learning analytics project but I'm keen that we take advantage for our (TEL Team) purposes to better understand current Bb usage. We don't have any SQL skills at present but are able to connect Tableau… (Show more)
I need to determine if certain courses are devoid of content at the start of term. Currently I use the following query which checks for zero course size and counts how many Grade Center columns there are. Blank courses only have two so I must further limit the results to only those. Is there a better way of doing this?:   SELECT cm.course_id,… (Show more)
Hi everyone,   We had an interesting question from our librarians.  They are trying to identify courses that link to one of their resources. They provide a URL to the instructors and the instructors make this link/URL available in their courses. They would like to identify the Bb courses using this URL/resource. I imagine that the instructors… (Show more)
Greetings,   Our online campus has brought this need to our attention.  I am not sure if this would be better for the Data Reporting Group for MH as we do use OpenDB so I am cross posting this.   This is what they our online campus sent us for requirements.  I can't think of anything that would give them specifically data on these because they are… (Show more)
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