Welcome to the Blackboard Technical User Group home for Australia and New Zealand!

Blog Post created by scott.hurrey on Sep 15, 2015

As announced at DevCon ANZ in Adelaide, Blackboard will be hosting Technical Office Hours on the third Wednesday of each month at 11am AEST. These office hours are open to all Developers, Administrators, and other technical people in ANZ. The first of these is Wednesday, 16 September.



My co-hosts for these meetings are folks you are likely familiar with: Angelo Rossi from Client Support and Michael Garner and Denis McGrath from the SE team will help deliver content, work with you to identify areas of interest, and even help clients that want to present their own cool projects or administration techniques. Michael is unavailable for this introductory call, so Mark van de Velde will be joining us for our inaugural call.



In addition, I will be creating a space on the new Blackboard Community Site for Technical Users in ANZ to communicate, engage each other and Blackboard, and supplement the office hours.



I look forward to seeing you on our first meeting — again, this Wednesday, 16 September. To join, simply access the Collaborate room at There is a sign-up sheet and you can remain subscribed to this mailing list for updates, upcoming topics, and recordings.



This week’s call will really be an introduction to the team, the concept, what we are looking to accomplish, and a walkthrough of the Community site, including a demo of how sign-up for an account, and how to interact with the group. Also, Richard Stals from Edith Cowan University will take a few minutes to introduce his Unity3D community, also hosted on the Blackboard Community Site.



Hope to see you there!



-Scott Hurrey