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UQ Update May 2019

Posted by scolly May 15, 2019
  • Preparing for Bb Upgrade July 6/7/8 2019 to 2018 Q4 CU6
  • Our Bb is still on-prem while we wait for outcome of a VLE review. Going to market this year. Hope to go cloud at that point. Aiming to decide on system by EOY and then spend 2020 building integrations and preparing for first migrates.
  • Piloting H5P during S2 for Blackboard, Open edX, and Drupal.
  • Big push on grades security – trying to get people to use gradecenter instead of spreadsheets. Held up by a common need for hurdles that Bb does not do.
  • Running an RFO for an eAssessment (eExam) solution, and working on a mandatory BYOD policy. 
  • Testing Adaptive Learning - Proof of Concept - Cerego
  • Deploying Active Learning: Echo ALP in S2. Providing training. Piloteers, Video interviews etc.
  • Procuring an Open edX environment so we can expand use of edX content into more courses. Doing this at a rate of 20 courses per year. Focusing on largest courses. Have more than 3,600 courses. Collaborating with Tsinghua University in Beijing to build a shareable edX courses. China gov has plan for unis to start using C9 generated content.
  • Deploying Echo Lecture recording Auto-Transcriptions just for courses with students that need it.
  • Promoting Academic Integrity training.
  • Deployed Padlet site licence
  • Ongoing deployments of ePortfolios into new programs. 24 programs currently.
  • Piloted Eesysoft and writing business case.
  • May revisit bus case for TII Authorship Investigation tool at end of 2019. Big push on academic integrity on many fronts.
  • Trialed Kaltura RAPT. Probably not suitable for average academic but good for building high quality program materials.. esp if content shared