UQ Update March 2019

Blog Post created by scolly on Mar 20, 2019
  • Preparing for Bb Upgrade July 2019. Took a while to get the dates.
  • We are still on prem while we wait for outcome of VLE review but hope to go cloud.
  • Big push on Grades Security – trying to get people to use gradecenter instead of spreadsheets. Held up by a common need for hurdles
  • Testing Scenario Based Learning test - RAPT
  • Testing Adaptive Learning - Proof of Concept - Cerego
  • Testing Active Learning: Echo ALP Deployment- Ailsa
  • As mentioned – running a VLE Review - Due for RFT complete by Jule 2019
  • Starting to include edX content in our Bb courses – and supporting that. At rates of 20 / year
  • Bespoke Edge tool support (Ailsa)
  • Running an RFT for an eAssessment (eExam) system
  • Deploying Echo Lecture recording Auto-Transcriptions
  • Promoting Academic Integrity training
  • Running a project to develop a BYOD policy and equity support program
  • Ongoing deployments of ePortfolios