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UQ Update March 2019

Posted by scolly Mar 20, 2019
  • Preparing for Bb Upgrade July 2019. Took a while to get the dates.
  • We are still on prem while we wait for outcome of VLE review but hope to go cloud.
  • Big push on Grades Security – trying to get people to use gradecenter instead of spreadsheets. Held up by a common need for hurdles
  • Testing Scenario Based Learning test - RAPT
  • Testing Adaptive Learning - Proof of Concept - Cerego
  • Testing Active Learning: Echo ALP Deployment- Ailsa
  • As mentioned – running a VLE Review - Due for RFT complete by Jule 2019
  • Starting to include edX content in our Bb courses – and supporting that. At rates of 20 / year
  • Bespoke Edge tool support (Ailsa)
  • Running an RFT for an eAssessment (eExam) system
  • Deploying Echo Lecture recording Auto-Transcriptions
  • Promoting Academic Integrity training
  • Running a project to develop a BYOD policy and equity support program
  • Ongoing deployments of ePortfolios

CDU update March 2019

Posted by bsearle Mar 20, 2019

Charles Darwin University March 2019 Update

Hosting – Learn SaaS Flexible Deployment Option (FDO)

Environments - Production, Staging and Test

Current Release – Bb Learn Release 3500.0.4-rel.19+9180e36 

Bb License - Community, Content Management System, Bb App, CDU Mobile (Modo Labs), Social Profiles and Tools, Blackboard Portfolios, Bb Collaborate (Original/Ultra), Bb A4L, SQL Reporting Services, Pyramid Analytics, VoiceThread, Bb Smart View (help desk services) Bb Student Services (Student and staff help desk) EesySoft, Bb Ally

Other Building blocks/plugins/LTI tools include -


Explorance (Student Evaluation)


Accreditation Data (Custom B2)

Log in As

Basic LTI

ShareStream SaaS

Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor

SIS Framework

Accreditation Data (Bb Consulting)

Mobile Web Services


In Progress-

JISC Digital Capability Framework

Pyramid Analytics upgrade v 6.5.2

Migration to Continuous Delivery (CD)

Ultra-Base navigation

Under Review-

ePortfolio – Portfolium

Digital badges - Credly

Interested in Feedback About-

Learn Ultra Transition

Bb Enterprise Surveys


SCU Update - March 2019

Posted by sgardner Mar 19, 2019

Southern Cross University - Update March 2019

SaaS Continuous Delivery (CD) as of 15 June 2018

Current Version Release 3500.11.0-rel.10+071f567

License and Use:  Community, Content Management System, Bb App (Modo Labs), Social Profiles and Tools, Blackboard Portfolios, Blackboard Collaborate (Original and Ultra), BbDDA


Authentication:  SAML & LDAP & Learn Internal


3rd Party or Custom Building Blocks

  •     Course Menu Modification Tool - All the Ducks
  •     Ex Libris Integration - All the Ducks
  •     Staff Info Web Service - All the Ducks
  •     UniMentor - All the Ducks
  •     Custom Site List - All the Ducks
  •     Certificate of Completion - Griffith University
  •     Basic LTI Tools - Oscelot
  •     Eesysoft Reports, Messages, Support- Eesysoft (trialling Tableau now)
  •     Javascript Hacks Tool - Oscelot
  •     Mediasite LTI   
  •     ReadSpeaker & Text Aid - Readspeaker 
  •     Unit Feedback - Explorance
  •     Student View Tool - Swinburne UoT
  •     Talis Aspire - Oscelot
  •     Turnitin Basic 2.7.6
  •     SensusAccess - Accessibility file conversion tool
  •     Studiosity Module 2.2.-1
  •     York Data Source Key Tool - University of York   
  •     York Xid Locator - University of York



Active Blackboard Building Blocks

  •     SIS Framework Controller
  •     Data Source Manager
  •     Collaborate Original & Ultra
  •     Mobile Web Services
  •     Cloud Profiles   
  •     Cloud Storage Integration
  •     Portfolios
  •     Social Profiles and Tools