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UQ November Update

Posted by scolly Nov 15, 2017

Deploying best practice course design guidelines across all courses during 2018 to raise the average design standard and help students navigate.

UQ is rebuilding 10 exemplar courses per year for next 3 years, likely to include 1 or 2 SPOCS in each.

Bb upgrade during Xmas break - waiting for bug patch

Working on contract to move Echo to cloud at start of Summer Semester or soon after

Expecting to cancel plans to move Bb to SaaS - and stay on prem at least another year

Collecting feedback on whether can replace Adobe connect virtual classroom for Zoom web conferencing which is now well established.

Deploying Chalk and Wire eportfolio system to another 20 programs (will be 60 total) S1-2018 then opening to all students

Getting increased take-up of ithenticate (now over 700)

Kaltura use for student video assessment still growing rapidly

Auditing grades management practices to see if we can tighten up systems and processes to secure grades

Sad that Office Mix is being discontinued but Kaltura can do embedded quizzes that link to Gradecentre

Pushing for some Bb mods like direct xfer of grades to Si-net; a grading schema with hurdles toool

Deployed mirroring 360 to all teaching spaces - allows staff/students/groups to present work on main screen