Bond Uni Update

Blog Post created by lhives on May 17, 2017
  • Upgraded from OCT14 CU6 to Q4 2016
    • Issues uploading files from IE
    • Issues searching for users when browsing a user list
    • A few problems with our custom brand but nothing major
    • Annoyances with the static submit button and people not realising the page is longer than what's visible
    • A lot of our privileges reset which wasn't picked up for a day or so... for a short time we had people creating users and subjects.
    • Had/Having some issues with weekly server restarts and sessions not timing out.
  • Changed our external course key format to a new 'Offering Key' which will now be shared by multiple systems to improve integration between systems. [subjectcode]_YYYY_SEM_MODE_[groupnum] eg. CORE11-101_2017_MAY_ONL_00. It is also some prep for the future where there may be many groups in different modes in a single semester.
  • Have a new Subject Outline building block drawing all its information from our new Curriculum Management system. Displays the outline for the subject the student is enrolled in where there is a merge.
  • Had a little B2 created to remove or add a tool on the subject menu (Course Menu) of sites in bulk. We used this to remove the old subject outline tool link and add the new one. When you add the new one you can even specify where in the list you want it (eg. 2nd item in the menu)
  • New version of our subject wizard installed
    • We are working on an even newer version that will create assignments and grade centre columns based on information in the subject outline (Curriculum management system)
  • Still having some trouble with SafeAssign with the reports being slow to generate.
  • Curriculum Management System (if anyone interested)
    • First batch of subject outlines successfully approved and published (to web and iLearn) from the new system
    • working to integrate with a new exams management software to feed the info from a subject outline straight to that system
    • working to feed information to Timetabling for scheduling of lecture recording (opt-out information)and access to facilities and IT for that workload type
    • Next steps are to start working on assessment into Blackboard and working with Blackboard on Learning Outcomes management through Goals.
  • Working with the Faculty of Law on utilising the new goal performance feature to integrate their legal skills across their entire curriculum and allow for reporting and self-monitoring for the students.