UQ Update - October 2016 meeting

Blog Post created by scolly on Oct 17, 2016
  • Last Blackboard upgrade was in July 2016 - to Q4 2015 release - on premise

  • Next Bb upgrade expected July 2017 then to SaaS in late 2018

  • Expect to migrate to Echo cloud around Nov 2017

  • Implementing new student strategy

  • In 2017 we are likely to deploy iThenticate for thesis and research paper checking.

  • About to release new standards for online course design

  • Deploying Chalk and Wire ePortfolio system

  • The future of the central eLearning systems support team is being considered as part of a restructure proposal for IT Services at UQ

  • Increased concern about ‘ghost writing’ by students

  • Increased concern about security of grades management

  • Ongoing growth in online marking using TII FeedbackStudio. The figure below compares Semester 1 data over the years

  • eLearning technology focus areas for 2017 will include: active learning class engagement tools; pre-class learning material esp video (Mix with Quizz, Echo, Kaltura with Quizz etc); online marking; peer assessment for group work