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Hosting -Self Hosted

Environments - Production, Evaluation and Test

Current Release – Bb Learn 9.1 October 2014

Upgrading to (Pending) Bb Learn 9.1 Q4, 2016,

Upgrade schedule – Semester 2: 2017, Dates TBC


Other Building blocks/plugins/LTI tools include -




Respondus LockDown Browser

Bb Collaborate

Bond Menu

Class Groups

Subject Setup Wizard


Gamegogy Leaderboard





Under Review

Collaborate Ultra Scheduler

SIS Framework

Upgrade path review from 2014 OCT to 2016 Q4

  • Configuration: Managed hosting (diamond)
  • Production Learn release: Q4 2015 (upgraded 9th July 2016)
  • Staging Learn release: Q4 2015 CU2 currently installed and in testing, expecting to take into Production this Sunday/Monday barring any issues with exam periods
  • Testing Learn Release: Q2 2016 + Bb "Ultra-Like" theme, general investigation at this time
  • Next Production upgrade: Mid-2017, unsure which version as yet, likely Q4 2016 or SAAS depending on progress of development
  • Collaborate: Ultra, transitioning away from Classic
  • Originality reporting: SafeAssign
  • Current B2s, LTI tools, publisher and system integrations: Respondus, Pearson MyLabs, McGraw Hill, Wiley, Cengage,, PebblePad, Smartsparrow, YourTutor, Piazza, Bb Mobile Learn/Bb Student, Bb Analytics, eXplorance Blue, Concord Masterfile, SIS integration (SOAP) used extensively for course enrolments and group memberships from Student Management System (vendor Technology One)
  • Lecture capture: Mediasite - auto-scheduled and manual recordings


JCU is now approaching the end of Semester 2 2016 for domestic campuses, so Learn instance is entering a high usage period for assessment submissions and exam study.

  • Last Blackboard upgrade was in July 2016 - to Q4 2015 release - on premise

  • Next Bb upgrade expected July 2017 then to SaaS in late 2018

  • Expect to migrate to Echo cloud around Nov 2017

  • Implementing new student strategy

  • In 2017 we are likely to deploy iThenticate for thesis and research paper checking.

  • About to release new standards for online course design

  • Deploying Chalk and Wire ePortfolio system

  • The future of the central eLearning systems support team is being considered as part of a restructure proposal for IT Services at UQ

  • Increased concern about ‘ghost writing’ by students

  • Increased concern about security of grades management

  • Ongoing growth in online marking using TII FeedbackStudio. The figure below compares Semester 1 data over the years

  • eLearning technology focus areas for 2017 will include: active learning class engagement tools; pre-class learning material esp video (Mix with Quizz, Echo, Kaltura with Quizz etc); online marking; peer assessment for group work


UTS Institutional Update

Posted by cf21492 Oct 17, 2016
  • Currently on 9.1 Q4 2015 CU2; just entering UAT this week for an upgrade in mid November to Q2 2016 CU3, big selling point is the responsive design but it has taken a lot of work to apply our institutional branding to it.
  • Building a business case to change our administration and integrations to support new subject sites each semester (currently recycling and reusing existing sites) and have had Bb Consulting on site recently to assist.
  • Will be talking to Bb Product development next week about the Bb ePortfolio roadmap, and happy to hear from any other uni's with enhancement wishlists we can add to our own.

Hosting - Bb Managed Hosted, Diamond Client

Environments - Production, Staging and Test

Current Release – Bb Learn 9.1 October 2014

Upgrading to – Bb Learn 9.1 Q4, 2015

Upgrade schedule – Friday 4-5 November 2016


Bb License -  Community, Content Management System, Mobile Learn, Mosaic, Social Profiles and Tools, Blackboard Portfolios, Blackboard IM, Bb Collaborate (Original/Ultra), Bb A4L, SQL Reporting Services, Pyramid Analytics, VoiceThread


A4L upgrade planned for mid-November to release - 4.3.2


Other Building blocks/plugins/LTI tools include -


Explorance (Student Evaluation)


Accreditation Data (Custom B2)       

Log in As


Respondus LockDown Browser (pilot)

Bb Collaborate Ultra Experience (pilot)


Under Review

Your Tutor

SIS Framework

Online Proctoring


AUT University

Posted by shen.zhang Oct 13, 2016

Self hosted

License and use: Community, Content Management System, Mobile, Social Profiles and Tools, Blackboard Portfolios, Blackboard IM, Collaborate (Ultra/Classic), VoiceThread

- Currently on 9.1 October 2014 release

- Upgrading to 9.1 Q4 2015 on 26 November

- Building blocks/plugins/LTI tools include

  - Turnitin 2.7.0

  - SafeAssign

  - Talis Aspire (Course Resources)

  - JSHacks (6 in use)

  - York Data Source Key Tool

  - Mediasite (Enterprise)

  - iPeer (University of British Columbia)

  - LoginAs (Grand Rapids Community College)

  - XIDdecode (Grand Rapids Community College)

  - Basic LTI tools (OSCELOT)


SCU Update as of 12 Sept 2019

Posted by sgardner Oct 12, 2016

Blackboard Learn SaaS  Continuous Delivery -- Servers for production, staging, test environments

  • License and use: Community, Content Management System, Bb App (Modo Labs), Social Profiles and Tools, Blackboard Portfolios, Blackboard Collaborate (Original and Ultra), OpenDB
  • Current Release 3500.3.0-rel.6+d946e98
  • Building blocks/plugins/LTI tools include
    • Turnitin 2.7.6  testing  bb-basic-2.8.0-jdk_1.8.war
    • SafeAssign *Disabled
    • Talis Aspire (myReadings)
    • Explorance (Unit Feedback)
    • Studiosity (formerly YourTutor) - Phasing out
    • JSHacks (20+ in use)
    • Student View Tool (Swinburne)
    • Class Groups (Bond University - All the Ducks) - used to auto-populate groups based on enrolment location
    • Custom Site List (All the Ducks)
    • Menu modification tool (All the Ducks)
    • UniMentor - Self Matching system for mentors/mentees (All the Ducks)
    • Ex Libris module - Library Loans (All the Ducks)
    • York xID locator (University of York)
    • York Data Source Key Tool (University of York)
    • LoginAs (Grand Rapids Community College)
    • Seneca Who's Online (Seneca College)
    • Mediasite (Enterprise)
      • Plans to integrate Mediasite into Blackboard with server version 7.2 by Session 3
    • Camtasia (Enterprise)
    • ReadSpeaker/TextAid released to all on 20 Feb 2017 and for the whole of 2017 there were 1593 hours of audio requested to 'listen' to
      • TextAid had 207 hours of audio requested in 2019 so far
        • Currently, there are 1470 registered TextAid users - TextAid now does speech to text!
    • ReadSpeaker audio requests in 2019 are up to 919 hours to date
    • SensusAccess - a file conversion tool that allows SCU users to convert any file into the format that best fits their needs, including Braille and ePubs.
  • Eesysoft Support Centre, Messaging and Reports are running very well
  • Grammarly - Piloting in Session 3, and expecting to rollout to all students in 2020
  • Examity - Piloting in Session 2 2019 for final exam in a few units