• Student comms for targeted interventions

    Hi,   We are about to roll out some reports created in Analytics for Learn (A4L) identifying first year undergraduate students at potential risk of non continuation to faculties which are likely to res...
    created by adamtuncay
  • A4L SSRS Menus

    In A4L SSRS I notice in a report that some menus allow me to choose multiple options, and some only allow me to choose one at a time. Does anyone know if/how this can be changed?   Specifically, I need to run the...
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  • Anyone have an Analytics Report to show last term student attended/enrolled-from a particular cohort

    Trying to track students in a NF/NT cohort and where they are now.  I can easily find those that graduated, but those that left and came back or left and didn't come back is harder to report on.  If anyone h...
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  • How do you share data with faculty at your institution?

    Giving faculty access to data has become a topic of discussion at our institution in the last week. Everyone has a different idea of what content to share and what format to share it in. I'm curious how others are sha...
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  • Embedded Analytics in Ultra

    Can anyone point me in the direction of some documentation or help files for embedded Analytics in Ultra please, eg Parameters for Question Analysis?????
    created by vr38112
  • Pyramid 2018

    Did anyone else notice that the long awaited HTML 5 (Silverlight free) version of Pyramid Analytics is here?  Well sort of.  It is the RTM release, but that is really encouraging.  Waiting to hear from ...
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  • 2019 Analytics Symposium: Status?

    Anyone know the status of next years Symposium? Blackboard Analytics Symposium   -Lyle
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  • Can you transfer SSRS reports to Pyramid?

    We are relatively new at Analytics, and are wondering what the process might be for getting the SSRS reports into Pyramid? We feel that Pyramid dashboards are more secure to give users access to, but our clients are a...
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  • Finding the URL of web links in Pyramid

    Hi there!    I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas for a way I could find some particular data I'm looking for.  We're making some changes to some of our library resources, and the change will result ...
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  • Analytics for Learn and Ellucian Advise - how do they compare?

    Hi, we have Blackboard Analytics for Learn (wtih SSRS and Pyramid) and the university is moving to a new Student Management System, Ellucian Banner, from 2020.  One of the 'modules' being included in the Ellucian...
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  • What are you doing with Discussion Forum Analytics?

    Hi all,   We're currently looking at extracting some interesting learning analytics from discussion forums, which are a key interaction tool for our online courses.  My manager had discovered Kumu, and when...
    Ian Holder
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  • Prospect/Recruitment Data in Blackboard Intelligence

    We are a PeopleSoft school and have the recruitment module in PeopleSoft. We have a new recruitment director that is interested in seeing that prospect data in Blackboard Intelligence. Has anyone sourced the PeopleSof...
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  • Hosting Analytics Options (Self versus Managed)

    Greetings Fellow Bbers,   We are looking at purchasing Analytics for Learn and have a few questions that we hope the community can help answer. Austin Community College is currently self hosted and we were wonde...
    Terry Patterson
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  • Pyramid - Interactions in Course Item Accesses

    cf the problems we are having in getting analytics for what content has been clicked on by students, as Pyramid's accesses measure counts content that is loaded, not accessed ... -- see Pyramid - New Content Item Acce...
    Ian Holder
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  • How to create a Pyramid report comparing success for enrollment in two specific courses?

    I am sure there is an easy way to build it in Pyramid, but I'm not figuring it out. Has anyone built a Pyramid report that allows the user to select two courses (they should be able to select any first course they wan...
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  • Bb Analytics Design Research Survey!

    The Blackboard Analytics Design Team is conducting user research to discover how analytics are currently processed and used across Blackboard's portfolio of products. Our goal is to have a strong understanding of usag...
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  • Rubrics in Analytics for Learn/Pyramid

    Hi all,   Is there a plan to include basic rubric information in A4L / Pyramid in the future?  Even something as simple as which sites were using the Rubric tool, and how many rubrics they have, would be he...
    Ian Holder
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  • Pyramid: Linking Course Activity and Student Course Summary on User|Student

    Hi all,   Our Division of Students asked if I could show a week-by-week engagement table of students by degree and course (what we call subject, hence the name in the slicer below).     I have t...
    Ian Holder
    created by Ian Holder
  • Has anyone out there done any work identifying "First generation college students"?

    Has anyone out there done any work identifying "First generation college students"? I am curious, how you track it, do you have a dedicated business process for tracking it? Do you pull it from ISIR data (parent's hig...
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  • Any advice on how to optimize load time of integrated course reports like course-at-a-glance? We're seeing upwards of 60 seconds.

    Any advice on how to optimize load time of integrated course reports like course-at-a-glance? We're seeing upwards of 60 seconds.
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