• New Release of A4L?

    Hello Everyone, Our institution is currently a couple of versions behind in A4L and we're working on a justification to upgrade to the latest version.  In writing out our justification, I realized that the last ...
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  • BAS Session Cont'd Convo - Attendance Compliance

    Hi folks - at the end of my presentation today (No Surprise: The Most Obvious Solution to Cultural Change) there was a lively discussion from the audience on if we should, and how we could, work to encourage/compel fa...
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  • Anyone have an Analytics Report to show last term student attended/enrolled-from a particular cohort

    Trying to track students in a NF/NT cohort and where they are now.  I can easily find those that graduated, but those that left and came back or left and didn't come back is harder to report on.  If anyone h...
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  • New Blackboard Analytics Community Representative...

    Hi everyone, I’m the new Senior Product Marketing Manager for Analytics at Blackboard (replacing Timothy Harfield, and so Blackboard's main representative within this Community), and I’d like to take this ...
    Steve Bailey
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  • Strategic reports for directors

    Hello everyone!   I'm working on management report templates for the institution's directors. Has anyone done this kind of work yet? What information do you think are necessary for the construction of the repor...
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  • How interested are faculty in analytics?

    We are currently thinking of what we provide in terms of analytics and how to get faculty engaged in analytics.  At times it seems the horse does not so much not want to be led to water but is actively hostile to...
    Ian Holder
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  • The New Pyramid is now available!

    I have some great news to share, and it's something that I'm aware most of you have been waiting for. Blackboard has certified the new Pyramid Analytics business intelligence software, and we're ready to begin deploym...
    Steve Bailey
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  • Using Content, Grade Center, and Announcements in Blackboard to Support Student Learning

    In 2016, Blackboard engaged in a study “Patterns in Blackboard Learn tool use: Five Course Design Archetypes” that included data from 70,000 courses from 927 institutions, with 3,374,462 unique learners. ...
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  • Blackboard Analytics Symposium Registration Now Open!

    We have now finalised the registration process for Blackboard Analytics Symposium 2019, which is happening on July 22-23 in Austin, TX, followed by BbWorld. BAS continues to be a free event, but registration is requir...
    Steve Bailey
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  • Blackboard Hackboard: Data Event

    Did anyone attend the event? Thoughts? Can anyone tell current clients what the roadmap looks like for Blackboard Analytics - especially in terms of using Pyramid 2018?
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  • Pyramid Transition Introduction

    Steve Bailey
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  • Blackboard Analytics Item Activity Tracking Issues

    Hi Everyone,   I am part of the Learning Analytics team responsible for Blackboard Analytics at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. We have recently done a deep-dive into the data to investigate some ...
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  • How do you share data with faculty at your institution?

    Giving faculty access to data has become a topic of discussion at our institution in the last week. Everyone has a different idea of what content to share and what format to share it in. I'm curious how others are sha...
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  • Analytics Strategic Plans?

    Has anyone recently created an analytics strategic plan?  We are in the process of writing an overall IT strategic plan and the analytics strategic plan is one part of it.  Other areas would be Teaching and ...
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  • Embedded Analytics in Ultra

    Can anyone point me in the direction of some documentation or help files for embedded Analytics in Ultra please, eg Parameters for Question Analysis?????
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  • Blackboard Analytics Symposium 2019

    7/22/19 12:00 PM
    The Blackboard Analytics Symposium is an annual opportunity for Blackboard users to share how they are making use of educational data to support teaching & learning, student success, and institutional performance....
    Steve Bailey
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    Blackboard Analytics Symposium 2019
  • Pyramid 2018

    Did anyone else notice that the long awaited HTML 5 (Silverlight free) version of Pyramid Analytics is here?  Well sort of.  It is the RTM release, but that is really encouraging.  Waiting to hear from ...
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  • 2019 Analytics Symposium: Status?

    Anyone know the status of next years Symposium? Blackboard Analytics Symposium   -Lyle
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  • Blackboard's Teaching & Learning Conference ANZ 2019

    Mark your calendar for Blackboard's Teaching & Learning Conference ANZ 2019 in Sydney, August 20-22!   We’re already hard at work building the best conference yet—don't miss out!   Visit ht...
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  • Can you transfer SSRS reports to Pyramid?

    We are relatively new at Analytics, and are wondering what the process might be for getting the SSRS reports into Pyramid? We feel that Pyramid dashboards are more secure to give users access to, but our clients are a...
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