• Measuring impact of course design

    Hi, Within our faculty we've been redesigning course units based on Blackboard Exemplar Course Design Rubric and now I'm trying to measure the impact of that work.   I'm essentially measuring a poorly designed ...
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  • New Release of A4L?

    Hello Everyone, Our institution is currently a couple of versions behind in A4L and we're working on a justification to upgrade to the latest version.  In writing out our justification, I realized that the last ...
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  • BAS Session Cont'd Convo - Attendance Compliance

    Hi folks - at the end of my presentation today (No Surprise: The Most Obvious Solution to Cultural Change) there was a lively discussion from the audience on if we should, and how we could, work to encourage/compel fa...
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  • Strategic reports for directors

    Hello everyone!   I'm working on management report templates for the institution's directors. Has anyone done this kind of work yet? What information do you think are necessary for the construction of the repor...
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  • Blackboard Hackboard: Data Event

    Did anyone attend the event? Thoughts? Can anyone tell current clients what the roadmap looks like for Blackboard Analytics - especially in terms of using Pyramid 2018?
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  • Blackboard Analytics Item Activity Tracking Issues

    Hi Everyone,   I am part of the Learning Analytics team responsible for Blackboard Analytics at Curtin University in Perth, Western Australia. We have recently done a deep-dive into the data to investigate some ...
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  • Analytics Strategic Plans?

    Has anyone recently created an analytics strategic plan?  We are in the process of writing an overall IT strategic plan and the analytics strategic plan is one part of it.  Other areas would be Teaching and ...
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  • Blackboard Course Archetype Reports

    Hi everyone,   Has anyone used / applied Blackboard's Course Archetypes to their LMS data? These are:   Supplemental (content heavy, low interaction) Complementary (one-way communication through content, ...
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  • Moving on...

    Hi all,   I have a new job [in a different country!  New Zealand] and will be leaving my current university.  And Blackboard Analytics.  They use (hushed tone) Moodle.   I just wanted to say...
    Ian Holder
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  • Analytic reports on early formative assessment

    Hi everyone, Has anyone run reports on the LMS to identify instances and percentages of early formative assessments being completed (or not) by students?  By early, I mean before census, so this would be approxi...
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  • Academic Program Data Reports for each Program/Credential

    Is anyone producing reports in Pyramid for each Credential/Program, in our case it would be every CTE degree and certificate that lists and aggregates counts for every required course and elective course by semester a...
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  • Chartmaker Tool

    The Chartmaker Directory   You can select the tool you have and the chart you want to create and get tutorials.  Thought you may find it useful.
    Ian Holder
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  • Boosting Student Success With A4L at University of Arkansas

    "It is another way to identify students who need more support or encouragement," Terrell said. "It also helps instructors evaluate their courses and understand which modules might have been more troubling for students...
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  • BbWorld Analytics Preview: Thinking Holistically about Educational Data and Student Success

    A holistic view of analytics in support of student success requires addressing three facets of higher education: teaching and learning, the student life-cycle, and institutional performance (i.e. ‘the business o...
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  • What are you working on?

    What analytics work are you up to currently?  I thought we should share.   The latest dashboard I have done is showing results for one of our diplomas by student and subject, showing for each student their ...
    Ian Holder
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  • Webinar 16 July: How do students respond to a Learning Analytics Dashboard?

    I received this via email and thought some of you may be interested...   Looks like a late evening webinar with soft drink and popcorn for me... Ian.     Please join us for the next ELESIG Webinar &...
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  • A4L is an 'actual miracle' for financial aid verification at Boise State University!

    Great results from an innovative Blackboard Analytics client!   At Boise State University, with help from Blackboard Analytics for Learn, “So far this summer, the Financial Aid Office reports 100% instruct...
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  • Representing Grade Progression

    Hello to you all. Hope you're well. Winter has its icy grip on me down here, so nothing better to do of a cold evening than analytics.     Not strictly A4L, but it involves data so I'm calling it little...
    Ian Holder
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  • Blackboard Predict Adoption Course at Ulster University

    In order to ensure that faculty and advisors understand Blackboard Predict, as well as best practices for intervention strategies using predictive analytics, Ulster University has produced a course that they have unde...
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  • A4L Resources from James Cook University

    James Cook University has just published a set of incredible tutorials to assist faculty in their use of Blackboard Analytics for Learn. Check them out, and definitely consider borrowing them in support of analytics a...
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