• How interested are faculty in analytics?

    We are currently thinking of what we provide in terms of analytics and how to get faculty engaged in analytics.  At times it seems the horse does not so much not want to be led to water but is actively hostile to...
    Ian Holder
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  • Does your institution make student-facing dashboards available using A4L?

    Did you know that student-facing dashboards are a standard feature in Analytics for Learn (A4L)?    During the Blackboard Analytics Symposium, John Fritz spoke about the success that UMBC has seen as a res...
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  • Are you planning to adopt the new Usage Reports for Blackboard Intelligence?

    We recently released Usage Reporting for all modules, which allows you to:   Promote analytics adoption by understanding how much their reporting environments (Pyramid BI, SSRS, Blackboard Learn) are being used,...
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  • Will you be at EDUCAUSE this year?

    We're looking into the possibility of planning an extra special meet-up for Blackboard Analytics customers (Analytics for Learn, Blackboard Intelligence, Blackboard Predict, X-Ray Learning Analytics).  If you're ...
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