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Blackboard Data is available right now, and Learn SaaS clients on continuous delivery with data in the USA, Europe or Sydney are eligible. However, this doesn’t mean that your Blackboard Data instance will only include this data source. Learn SaaS is the key to provisioning Blackboard Data, and once provisioned you’ll find data from all of the SaaS tools that you currently license. This includes Learn SaaS, Collaborate Ultra, Ally, SafeAssign and Mobile. And remember, this is available as part of the standard SaaS license at no additional cost.

Right now, what you’ll get is the Developer Tier of the Blackboard Reporting Stack, but once provisioned you’ll benefit from regular releases with incremental updates and eventually the Reporting and API tiers.


For those not on Learn SaaS, you'll become eligible soon as we widen eligibility to other SaaS tools, including OpenLMS, Collaborate Ultra, Ally etc. and we will of course announce these changes here in the Blackboard Data community.


Just to be clear, you won’t need to have a SaaS LMS or even license an LMS at all from Blackboard to benefit from Blackboard Data. For example, institutions licensing only Ally will still get access to Blackboard Data for Ally going forward. However, the more SaaS tools you license from Blackboard, the more insight you’ll get on this platform.


So, if you're eligible, simply request Blackboard Data provisioning through a Behind the Blackboard ticket. Provisioning is currently taking about a week, and we're working on reducing this timescale. To make things a little easier, here are the selections you'll need to make:


  • Product Line: Learn
  • Environment: Learn SaaS
  • Issue Topic: Blackboard Data
  • Functional Area: Provisioning


So provision your Blackboard Reporting Stack, give your SQL expert the keys to the Developer Tier and share your experiences in the blogs and forums in this community. We look forward to exploring Blackboard Data with you!