Presentations from the 2018 Blackboard Analytics Symposium

Blog Post created by timothyharfield on Feb 15, 2018

34 presentations in 1.5 days.  450 attendees, both in person and via live stream from around the world.  The quantity and quality of material that was delivered in this relatively short period of time in Austin, TX as part of the 2018 Blackboard Analytics Symposium is a testament to the accomplishments of Blackboard clients, and to their eagerness to scale high impact practices in higher education.


If it is worth presenting, it is worth preserving.


Why limit the impact of a talk to those who were able to attend in person?  If we are to take seriously our mission to scale high impact practices in higher education, it is incumbent upon us to share our work with the widest audience possible.  That's why, over the next few weeks, you will see us posting full video from each of the sessions from this year's event.  In the meantime, and as a supplement to what is to come, here are some powerpoint decks and other materials from the event: