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Congratulations to our customers, who are making headlines this week as they work to use data in support of their students.



Georgia State University

State Farm is providing $20 million to bring this partnership to life. With $14.5 million in support, Georgia State’s Learning, Income and Family Transformation (LIFT) program will bring the university’s pioneering data analytics work to students enrolled in two-year degree programs at the university’s Decatur campus. The remaining $5.5 million will go to non-profits and local schools to provide additional services to help students succeed. This puts the focus for the first time on students at the entry point of their college careers. READ MORE >>

Fort Lewis College

As Fort Lewis College anticipates an enrollment decrease again next year, staff and faculty are intensifying recruiting efforts to turn the slide around. READ MORE >>


Fort Lewis College has looked at the numbers in higher education and come to a conclusion: emphasizing its science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines should be the engine that brings in more students. READ MORE >>

Grand Rapids Community College

Students who enroll in developmental courses through the Academic Foundations Program at Grand Rapids Community College are trending up with higher rates of success in 2016. READ MORE >>

California State University - East Bay According to Linda Dobb, associate provost, Cal State East Bay's goal is for students to have access to the courses, services and support they need to graduate, with an overall goal of improving the four-year graduation rate from 10 percent to 35 percent, and the six-year rate from 45 percent to 62 percent. For transfer students, the goal is to increase the two-year graduation rate from 37 percent to 49 percent, and the four-year rate from 73 percent to 83 percent. READ MORE >>