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Steve Bailey
An introduction to Blackboard Data and the Blackboard Reporting Stack. What's included, who's eligible and how to get it.
Steve Bailey
Blackboard Data is available right now, and Learn SaaS clients on continuous delivery with data in the USA, Europe or Sydney are eligible. However, this doesn’t mean that your Blackboard Data instance will only include this data source. Learn SaaS is the key to provisioning Blackboard Data, and once provisioned you’ll find data from all of the… (Show more)
Hi,   We are about to roll out some reports created in Analytics for Learn (A4L) identifying first year undergraduate students at potential risk of non continuation to faculties which are likely to result in targeted interventions. The interventions need to be GDPR compliant. As it will be our first year doing this we wondered if there are any… (Show more)
In A4L SSRS I notice in a report that some menus allow me to choose multiple options, and some only allow me to choose one at a time. Does anyone know if/how this can be changed?   Specifically, I need to run the Login Exception report against all of our schools, but it only lets me select one at a time. I know I can do this in Pyramid, but my… (Show more)
Steve Bailey
This year's Blackboard Analytics Symposium (BAS19) was held in Austin Convention Center, TX, and featured presentations from Blackboard Analytics clients, Product Management and Consulting, with a keynote presentation by Timothy McKay. Below you will find details of each session along with the presentation slides (in PDF format). Follow the… (Show more)
Steve Bailey
Late last year, we notified you that the Blackboard Analytics Symposium was being rescheduled from the February dates, but we've yet to provide you with an update. I can now announce that the Symposium is scheduled for July 22-23 as a pre-conference event at BbWorld in Austin, TX. I hope this means that those of you planning to attend BbWorld as… (Show more)
Click to view content34 presentations in 1.5 days.  450 attendees, both in person and via live stream from around the world.  The quantity and quality of material that was delivered in this relatively short period of time in Austin, TX as part of the 2018 Blackboard Analytics Symposium is a testament to the accomplishments of Blackboard clients, and to their eagerness… (Show more)
Hi, Within our faculty we've been redesigning course units based on Blackboard Exemplar Course Design Rubric and now I'm trying to measure the impact of that work.   I'm essentially measuring a poorly designed course ("a file dump") with a well designed course (descriptive elements, signposting etc)...With minimal changes to the actual learning… (Show more)
Hello Everyone, Our institution is currently a couple of versions behind in A4L and we're working on a justification to upgrade to the latest version.  In writing out our justification, I realized that the last update was released over a year ago (October 2017).  Has anyone heard anything about a new version of A4L coming out or how A4L will… (Show more)
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