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Steve Bailey
Hi everyone, I’m the new Senior Product Marketing Manager for Analytics at Blackboard (replacing Timothy Harfield, and so Blackboard's main representative within this Community), and I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I’ve been with Blackboard for nearly 5 years working exclusively with our Analytics products, and with clients… (Show more)
Did anyone else notice that the long awaited HTML 5 (Silverlight free) version of Pyramid Analytics is here?  Well sort of.  It is the RTM release, but that is really encouraging.  Waiting to hear from Blackboard about how we will be able to use this when fully released.  Will our current Pyramid Analytics licenses transfer or will this be a new… (Show more)
Hi, Within our faculty we've been redesigning course units based on Blackboard Exemplar Course Design Rubric and now I'm trying to measure the impact of that work.   I'm essentially measuring a poorly designed course ("a file dump") with a well designed course (descriptive elements, signposting etc)...With minimal changes to the actual learning… (Show more)
Hello Everyone, Our institution is currently a couple of versions behind in A4L and we're working on a justification to upgrade to the latest version.  In writing out our justification, I realized that the last update was released over a year ago (October 2017).  Has anyone heard anything about a new version of A4L coming out or how A4L will… (Show more)
Anyone know the status of next years Symposium? Blackboard Analytics Symposium   -Lyle
Mark your calendar for Blackboard's Teaching & Learning Conference ANZ 2019 in Sydney, August 20-22!   We’re already hard at work building the best conference yet—don't miss out!   Visit to view pricing, learn more and sign up to be notified when registration opens.
We are relatively new at Analytics, and are wondering what the process might be for getting the SSRS reports into Pyramid? We feel that Pyramid dashboards are more secure to give users access to, but our clients are asking for data that at this time, we can only find in the SSRS reports. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Hi everyone,   Has anyone used / applied Blackboard's Course Archetypes to their LMS data? These are:   Supplemental (content heavy, low interaction) Complementary (one-way communication through content, announcements) Social (high peer-to-peer interaction through discussion board) Evaluative (heavy use of assessments) Holistic (high LMS… (Show more)
Ian Holder
Hi all,   I have a new job [in a different country!  New Zealand] and will be leaving my current university.  And Blackboard Analytics.  They use (hushed tone) Moodle.   I just wanted to say to all of you here Thank you! for all the help and comments you have provided on my various posts, and for your posts on what you are doing at your… (Show more)
Hi everyone, Has anyone run reports on the LMS to identify instances and percentages of early formative assessments being completed (or not) by students?  By early, I mean before census, so this would be approximately by week 4 of teaching.   Cheers, Lynnae
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