• Accessibility and existing content

    Hi all.  Apologies if I'm asking the obvious, but we could really use a bit of guidance about accessibility and existing content within Blackboard.     We're just in the process of getting Ally, w...
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  • ZoomText and Bb Learn?

    Our support team is working with a low-vision faculty member. He uses a program called ZoomText as a screen magnifier and it's not working very well with Blackboard. We're wondering if there's anyone in this group who...
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  • New Documents not being scanned?

    We've just implemented Ally into our BBTest environment and while familiarizing myself with it from an instructors viewpoint I noticed that if I placed a document into an already existing folder, that the document is ...
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  • Screen reader documentation for Blackboard Learn - What do you need?

    Over the last few months the Blackboard team, in partnership with some native assistive technology users, have been developing some documentation for using Blackboard Learn (Original Experience) with the JAWS screen r...
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  • Accessibility of blogs

    One of our course developers has found that blog comments ae not accessible to some people with low vision.  It is not a screen reader issue.  It is an on-screen readability issue having to do with text size...
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  • Bb Ally Users Group?

    I am just wondering if there are plans to have a Bb Ally Users Group along with a spot on the Bb Community site?  Or will this be the place to go to discuss all things Bb Ally?
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  • Looking for Captioning workflow feedback - Kaltura and captioning services

    Greetings,   First, thanks to Marissa Dimino and JoAnna Hunt for setting up this community.   We are a Kaltura customer and are currently testing out REACH services with Cielo 24 although we have not offic...
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  • Blackboard and Textbook Publishers

    Ok, so I had this conversation with a publisher today about making my course more accessible... and he asked me for tips.  The two things I told him that I saw right away were that: 1) Links out to the publisher ...
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  • (In)accessibility of BB Student Android and iOS apps

    I've had a few moments to look at the accessibility of the BB Student app on Android and iOS, and it is disappointing. Some basic accessibility features are missing, like no labels for buttons and hidden but focusable...
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  • Speech recognition software and Blackboard

    A member of staff has enquired whether they can use speech recognition software (in this case Dragon) to work with and control Blackboard and specifically the Grade Centre? Is there any documentation with regard to su...
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  • Accessibility @ BbWorld 16

    There are a number of accessibility focused sessions at BbWorld16 in Las Vegas. If you're looking for an answer to a specific question and aren't sure if it'll be covered in one of the sessions post it here. We'll eit...
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  • BbWorld 2016 - Focus on Accessibility

    Are you planning on attending BbWorld16 in Las Vegas this July? Are you aware there is a dedicated track related to accessibility this year?   At this year's conference we are pleased to be bringing you a compr...
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  • Captioning Software?

    We are looking at different ways to caption our materials in-house.  I looked at some of the tool information provided previously, but thought I'd ask for some specifics.  We know of many of the 3rd party pr...
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  • What accessibility tools do you use?

    Many people at the conference were interested in collecting a list of "tools" that they are using to help them understand accessibility and build accessible content. I have started a list here, from what was collected...
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  • Captioning for Echo360 material in Blackboard courses

    What is being used to caption your Echo360 lecture captures? Of course we are aware of the third party entities that will do the captioning for a fee, but we are hoping to try to do our own with purchased software. We...
    created by hspiegel