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Piloting Ultra

Posted by mcobb Nov 8, 2018

I am glad you are joining me in piloting Ultra. When I transitioned from solutions engineering into product management in January 2017, a primary focus of my work was to examine the way clients were piloting Ultra and how we were supporting clients in the process. After a few months of observing and asking questions, the Ultra Partnership Program was born. Now after three teaching semesters of that program (and many learning opportunities on how we can better serve clients), I have redesigned the UPP into the Ultra Pilot Program. My goal is to help larger numbers of clients pilot and ultimately adopt Ultra! I'm also eager to continue learning more about what you need/expect as you formulate a pilot and how I can be a part of solutions for you and your organizations. Please let me know how I can help!


Very soon you'll need to get going with identifying the goals you have for your pilot. You'll also need to think through potential challenges that faculty, students and others may face. This step will help ensure that you have a good plan with proactive and reactive steps in place. Lastly, I suggest that you define a few measurable outcomes so that you have a strategic way to measure your progress in the pilot.


To support you as take these steps, I created a worksheet for you: Bb_UltraPilot_Program_GOALS.docx . Go check it out! If you have questions or comments or want to share your output with me or this group, please do. This isn't homework that I will grade , but it is an exercise that I think will be beneficial to you.


Sincerely yours,