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 RSS Introducing Student Profile in Bb Student

RSS posted on behalf of Blackboard Blog 4 years ago


    I’m pleased to announce a great new additions to Bb Student: student profile tiles and a student profile avatar.

    Student Profile & Avatar

    I joined Blackboard via the acquisition of MyEdu, which focuses on helping students develop a rich profile that presents their skills and interests to other students and instructors. We’ve already integrated the profile into Learn 9.1, and now we’ve started to introduce the same profile elements into our mobile app for students. Students will be able to create a simple tile-based profile with an avatar that represents them in their classes. We’ll continue to add profile tiles over time, and as that profile evolves, students will be able to forge more powerful connections with their classmates in online and hybrid courses.

    Eric Boggs, a designer working on Bb Student, described that “The profile avatar is an important step towards more open collaboration within Blackboard products. Our full profile integration will become a means to help students not only collaborate effectively, but succeed throughout their educational journey. We plan to use the data students choose to share about their academics, skills, and interests to connect them to personalized resources like mentors and advisers.”

    Increased International Support

    I’m also proud to announce the expanded support of Bb Student internationally, with 22 languages available. We’ll continue to add additional language support and locales over time, empowering students wherever they learn.

    You can download Bb Student in the Apple, Google, and Microsoft app stores for free.


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