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 RSS Extended Enterprise Learning: a new trend in corporate training

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    In professional education, we are finding that business leaders continue to explore new and inventive ways to continually transform their organization. The need to invest funding into training of their workforce to solve complex business problems, eliminate waste, and drive value is paramount. In the past corporate training was delivered is two forms; instructor-led or through a seminar for internal employees. However, there are a variety of other avenues for training corporations. Our job is to have laser focus on our client needs, the corporate training market as a whole and the trends that emerge.

    A shift in corporate training

    With over 600 LMS platforms in the corporate training market, it is becoming more challenging for companies and organizations to find the best training solutions that fit their core needs. Historically online corporate training initiatives focused on internal employee development; safety training, HR, Compliance, etc. However, over the past couple of years we’ve seen major growth in a new area of corporate training called Extended Enterprise Learning (EEL) or Extended Enterprise Training (EET).

    What is Extended Enterprise Learning (EEL)?

    Extended Enterprise Learning (EEL) or Extended Enterprise Training (EET) is any training offered to the community, partners and/or any stakeholders outside of the organization. These stakeholders may include customers, volunteers, dealers, authorized support centers, resellers, franchisees, channel distribution partners, suppliers, etc. Most companies are looking at EEL programs to help improve customer satisfaction, streamline sales distribution, increase sales revenue and stand out against the competition. A few industries paving the way with EEL include Banking/Financial, HealthCare/Pharma, Associations and Franchises.

    Chart of survey responses- how important are extended enterprise initiativesIn one survey conducted (ELearning Magazine, 2014) almost half of respondents (46%) have EEL programs in place. Of these organizations, 78% focus on their customer community, while 64% focus on supply chain and affiliate channels. Proving that Extended Enterprise is becoming a key focal point for companies and a huge growth area.

    Changing the conversation

    We’re seeing a trend in businesses looking to sell training to bring in new revenue streams for their company. Offering online training to external stakeholders such as member associations is also becoming more popular. Our solutions and services go far beyond just an LMS platform so the conversation has evolved. Businesses need these types of programs to increase revenue, onboard channel partners faster and develop complete certificate programs online for franchises and associations. With Extended Enterprise, the conversation is no longer about LMS features and functions but how to solve complex business problems.

    This post was authored by Darryl Warren, a Senior Solutions Engineer of Blackboard’s Corporate and Government division. He holds a B.S in Business Management and Administration with over 15 years of experience in e-Learning, instructional design and online training program development. 

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