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    10 Tips to take the scary out of social media

    No tricks, just 10 simple tips to make social media less scary for your district and schools.

    Xenophobia (Fear of the unknown)

    1. How do I get started?

    Start small and do the research to find out what channels your parents prefer.

    1. How will I learn to use it?

    Check out these free resources to learn how to use a few of the top social channels:

    1. When will I find time to post?

    Social media posts don’t take hours. Simply set aside 5 minutes throughout the day.

    Scopophobia (Fear of privacy)

    1. How do I avoid violating student privacy?

    Work in compliance with the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA). General rule of thumb –Think before you post. When in doubt, leave it out!

    Scriptophobia (Fear of writing)

    1. What do I post?

    Opt for brightly colored photos and videos. Ideas for other things to share include news, what students are learning, tips, and achievements/honors. Remember, no news is too small for social media.

    1. When do I post?

    Mary LaPak from Wentzville R-IV School District found 7pm is the best time to post, and Sunday is the most active day for district followers. Everyone is different so here are some guidelines to help get you started:[1]

    • Facebook: 1-4pm late into the week and on weekends
    • Twitter: 12-5pm during the workweek
    • Instagram: Throughout the week 8-9am or 5pm

    Pistanthrophobia (Fear of trust)

    1. What if I post the wrong thing?

    House rules. Be sure to have a social media policy in place so your teachers and staff have guidelines on how social media should be done at your district and schools.

    1. How do I monitor activity and respond to questions?

    Choose your system wisely. Having the right system in place to aggregate all your posts in one place makes monitoring and responding quick and easy.

    1. How do I create a policy for my district, schools, and classrooms?

    Get ideas on how to build your own policy from Papillion La Vista Community Schools guidelines and check out an example of a consent form from Fort Osage School District.

    1. How do I ensure success?

    Social media isn’t a chore. Be sure to position social media as a fun and engaging way for your teachers and staff to engage with parents and community members.

    Register for a webinar about overcoming social media barriers.

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