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Grading in Blackboard Learn (Original)
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Let’s face it – grading is possibly one of the least ‘fun’ parts of teaching.  However, now that you’ve created assessments, assignments, and quizzes in Blackboard Learn, the grading process can be easier than ever.  In Blackboard, instructors can provide feedback, post grades, and check the originality of student work with ease.  Discover how much easier it can be to grade papers when you can annotate right within the online course.  You can even provide audio feedback to the student, helping them understand areas of the paper that may need some attention.  Want to set up a quiz to be automatically graded?  You can do that too!  Join us in this informative session on how to use Blackboard’s course tools to make your online teaching experience more efficient, more engaged and less time consuming!
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Tuesday September 21st, 2021 4:00pm EDT
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Tuesday September 21st, 2021 5:00pm EDT

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