[BITS] August 13, 2019 - Incorporating Student Feedback Before, During and After Your Course

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Tuesday, August 13, 2019 at

Starts at 10:00 AM · Ends at 11:00 AM, EDT (America/New_York)

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Incorporating Student Feedback Before, During and After Your Course

Presenter: Corrie Bergeron, Instructional Designer, Learning Systems Administrator, Lakeland Community College 
Tuesday, August 13th – 10am ET / 3pm BST

We all SAY that we want student feedback, but how do we put that into practice?  An answer might lie in our expectations for how we want our students to use the feedback that *we* give *them*. 


Before the course even begins, we set out our expectations in the syllabus and schedule.  We expect them to read and understand it - but what if they don't?  We give formative feedback on assignments and discussion posts.  How do we expect them to assimilate it and respond?   We give feedback on summative assessments - what do we want students to do with that after the class ends?   We'll look at ways to elicit both overt and implicit feedback about our courses. 


We'll discuss situations where things go seriously sideways - when do you try to right the apple cart, and when do you just try to jump clear with minimal injuries? Finally, we'll look at the process of making adjustments to a course while it is still in progress, in the short break between semesters, and when you have the luxury to step back and take a long overall look at it.