[BITS] Finding the Hero’s Journey in Course Design for Engagement

Created by debbora.woods on Mar 23, 2018

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Finding the Hero’s Journey in Course Design for Engagement

Instructional design in online, hybrid, or in-class courses requires deep understanding of existing best practices. A few rubrics in addition to the Blackboard’s Exemplary Course Program are available, such as California Community Colleges’ Online Education Initiative (OEI) , The Open SUNY Course Quality Review Rubric, Quality Matters (QM), Illinois Online Network’s Quality Online Course Initiative, California State University Quality Online Learning and Teaching. However, since 1949 Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey has been used to outline books, movies, and psychological therapies to engage and motivate people. This session will synthesize the Exemplary Course Program Rubric and the Hero's Journey to help instructional designers and instructors tell an epic story in the courses.


  1. Analyze the ECP rubric
  2. Compare Hero's Journey to instructional design best practices
  3. Summarize storification elements in instructional design



Dr. Szymon Machajewski

Szymon is a teacher focused on student engagement. With his research on peer-instruction and gamification he promotes the adoption of technology in teaching and learning. He is a recipient of many awards in pedagogy including Blackboard’s Most Inclusive Classroom of 2016 and the Catalyst Award in Exemplary Online Course Design.  More available at

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