[BITS] Opportunities for open educational resources (OERs) to support instruction

Created by debbora.woods on Jan 30, 2018

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Most in higher education are concerned with the escalating cost of earning a degree, with one of the factors being the cost of textbooks and course materials.  An alternative is using open education resources (OERs) to drive down the cost.  While OERs are gaining traction in higher education, many are concerned with the quality of the materials, the impact on student achievement, and methodology for implementation.

The presenter will:

  • Define OERs
  • Identify a few OER options
  • Share considerations when selecting OERs
  • Demonstrate the integration of one OER product with Blackboard Learn
  • Highlight the impact of OERs in a general education course


Dionne Nicole Curbeam, Ed.D., is an accomplished speaker and educator.  As the Director of Instructional Technology and I.T. Training at Coppin State University (Baltimore, Maryland), Dionne’s goal is to shape a university-wide culture where technology is used to promote student achievement, retention, graduation, and innovation. She holds several Quality Matters roles, including Peer Reviewer, Master Reviewer, and Trainer.  Her research interests include learning analytics, technology’s impact on student achievement, and distance learning. Dionne is a three-time Blackboard Catalyst Award Winner.

Follow her on Twitter: @dc_tech.

REGISTER HERE: https://event.on24.com/wcc/r/1559841/3D6CD9E2EEB32ECA2E9714977319A47F