Scandinavian User Group Meeting at TLC in Milan, Room N10

Created by dnygren on Dec 15, 2016

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 at Bocconi University

Starts at 6:00 AM · Ends at 12:00 PM, EDT (America/New_York)


The meeting room is N10 which is a theatre style with 150 seats. This is on the first floor above where DevCon and the Academic Adoption day are being held. Refreshments will be served on the ground floor along with "bagged" lunch.


Many of you have already attended a Scandinavian User Group meeting during previous Teaching and Learning Conferences. As this is your (the Bb Community's) event we will just facilitate it and help with the communication, booking of rooms, etc. The content and discussions comes from you;


PROPOSED AGENDA (subject to change)

11.00 - Access to the room and free/open networking


12.00 - Getting to learn your Peers and Bb Product Management - Speed-dating

We will set up a rally where you will get the opportunity to quickly get acquainted with your network of peers as well as sharing your thoughts on key areas of improvement in the Blackboard platform with Blackboard Product Managers. (Please note that this is not your only opportunity to meet with Bb PMs during the TLC).


12.45 - Break


13.00 - Welcome and presentation of Agenda
Morten Palsgaard, Aarhus University
Inger-Marie Christerson, University of Southern Denmark
Johan Lindström, Halmstad University
Dan Nygren, Blackboard


13.15 - Aarhus University Session (45 min)

At AU we are ready to take our Bb configuration to the next level: moving from a simple same-for-all configuration towards a differentiated configuration which allows for local differences (eg. faculty specific). Topics in this process are “Targeted communication”, “Limited access to building blocks”, “Delegated administration” and others. In this workshop we would like to share some of our  thoughts, concerns and expectations in this process and we would like to invite the members of the Nordic User Group to share their experiences with us.


14.00 - Dalarna University Session (30 min)

Dalarna University is a progressive multi-discipline Swedish institution who have successfully used technology as a competitive advantage. They chose Blackboard Learn in december 2016. In this session they will share their reasons what they found attractive with the ULTRA experience and their reasoning, experiences and expectations/ambitions for taking it on as one of the first non US based institutions.


14.30 - University of Southern Denmark - Session 1 (30 min)

SDU has a tradition of extending the Blackboard platform to meet their users specific needs. In this session Inger-Marie Christiansen will share a timeline tool that some SDU teachers use where teachers let students build timelines to get an overview of a certain subject. Basically a group of students get assigned a certain event or period of time and is responsible for presenting it in text, images and video for the timeline.
15:00 - Break



15.15 - University of Southern Denmark - Session 2 (30 min)


SDU has been working with badges (achievements) in both CourseSites and Blackboard for some time. They use it for staff development and some teachers has since begun using badges with their students. As both students and teachers have found the badges motivating and a good incentive and could easily be implemented with other Blackboard institutions.

16.00 - Gillian Fielding: Supporting the user groups
Gillian Fielding, a Blackboard Client Success Manager, shares how other user groups work to get the most out of the community and not loose out on opportunities and knowledge exchange.


16.30 - Wrap-up and call out for next meeting
Morten Palsgaard, Aarhus University
Inger-Marie Christerson, University of Southern Denmark
Johan Lindström, Halmstad University



The meeting will be held in ROOM N10 in the Velodromo Building (the cylendar shaped building). Please see map below;

Bocconi University

Piazza Sraffa 13 Milan Italy