Key Success Factors for the Undergraduate, Masters and University Extension Programs -  UDLAP One of Latin America’s Top Institution

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Although many technology tools are similar in nature, the implementation, administration, and adoption of these tool are very different between an institution in Latin America and other institutions in the world, ranging from adoption speed, resistance to change, and emerging local LMS type solutions in native Spanish. Aggressive prices, budgeting in local currencies that are also constantly devaluating against the dollar, which generates budget pressure, creating a uniquely competitive landscape, very appealing for many vendors.

For eight years the use of Blackboard at UDLAP has been evolving, and it is precisely the Blackboard human support network and the ease of adoption of Blackboards products for our faculty that has shielded Blackboard, and helped it to earn and keep its place as one of our main academic technologies, protecting both UDLAP and Blackboard against competitors.

Although other institutions use Blackboard, the implementation that we experienced from the very beginning was one of the best, not only from the point of view of the architecture, but from a business perspective. For this reason Blackboard executives have obtained a spot with the UDLAP Corporate Council. When competitors such as Canvas or D2L come to offer us, according to them “the same but cheaper”, it is the Academic area that has been responsible for showing them the door. Since 2010, UDLAP and Blackboard have been 100% aligned as it relates to their academic technology objectives, and teaching and learning.

*Note - At the end of the session attendees will receive tips about how to increase their growth, strengthen their investments and consolidate the relationship between academia and innovative technologies.


Speaker: Fernando Thompson | Universidad de las Américas Puebla