Blackboard is Awful... I Mean Awesome! How Training Changes Everything

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Many new faculty and those teaching online courses for the first time at Wichita State University (WSU) seem to be hesitant about using Blackboard. But there's no training on how to use a learning management system (LMS), so when instructors say Blackboard is “awful,” they don't want to be dependent on it. But when it's their only option, training is a must.

WSU’s Instructional Design and Access (IDA) has several resources to train faculty and students on the use of Blackboard. It even offers unreserved assistance for faculty’s on-demand calls. The office runs lab two days a week for two hours each at a central place on campus. Faculty come and go to get training on a regular basis. Throughout the training, there are so many “aha” moments. That's when they say, “Blackboard is actually awesome”. This presentation wants to share these “aha” moments and very useful but unpopular features of Blackboard with faculty and instructional designers.


Speaker: Frehiwot Wuhib | Wichita State University