Partner Catalog FAQs

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Q.) I tried to follow the Partner Catalog instructions to create a partner listing, but once I get on my company’s page there is no edit button visible as shown in the instructions

A.) You need admin rights, please email to get admin rights.


Q.) I didn’t get an invite to my email address.

A.) If you don’t have a Behind the Blackboard login, you can create a Community Site account using this link:


Q) I never have received an invitation to join the company’s page in the Partner Catalog.

A.) Please email to get an invitation sent.


Q.) I am having troubles saving my progress when walking through the steps you referenced. I’m not seeing any updates to the page.  Am I missing something?

A.) Please make sure that you hit Save twice. If you could check the edits you made and verify on your end.


Q.) When will the Partner Catalog go live?

A.) We will be announcing the availability of the Partner Catalog to our clients June 25th.


Q.) Where is this new "Partner Catalog" on the Community site, how the catalog will be positioned for users?

A.) The Partner Catalog should appear under the Product Ideas on the Blackboard Community Site on June 25th.


Q.) Are there any costs associated with the Partner Catalog?

A.) If your account is up to date, and you are a Signature, Premier, Blackboard Developers Network (BbDN), and/or Open LMS, it is included with your fee.


Q.) The system will not allow me to select the “terms and conditions” agreement. The “terms and conditions” button is greyed out. What am I doing wrong?

A.) If you’ll click on the terms (it opens in another browser window) and scroll to the bottom. Then click back to the “I agree to terms” checkbox should be available to click.


Q.) How do I add my company logo to my company page?

A.) On your page if you click on the 3 people, then edit, then OK. You should see Place Image. You can see if any of the logos you have will work. After that hit Save.


Q.) Our group is listed as a “Members Only.”  Does that restrict anyone from viewing it?
A.) ‘Members Only’ will give anyone access to view this page (whether they are a member of the Community site or not), but only members of the Community site will be able to engage with the content you post or contribute to any discussions from your page.


Q) We updated our image/logo, but it isn't showing up correctly on the main Partner Catalog page?

A) Try clearing your cookies and cached data. It should now show up correctly. If not, please reach out to