TLCANZ18: Adapt Adept Adopt: Moving Pen and Paper Academic Into a Digital Way of Teaching

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Adapt, Adept, Adopt: Moving Pen and Paper Academic Into a Digital Way of Teaching



Academics new to teaching in Higher Education, are challenged by age, experience, their environment and careers. So how do you motivate them to ADAPT a new technology, become ADEPT at it so that they will then ADOPT it in their world of teaching?

With the acceleration of blended and online learning applications throughout universities and schools, technological skills are not simply desired in teaching, but are seen as essential skills for all teachers to have. New academics are often lost when it comes to transferring their real world knowledge into a digital and sometimes virtual environment, as many come from either a research or practical background (eg. lawyers, doctors, architects), and are unfamiliar with using a Learning Management System such as Blackboard.

It is often the case where “the evolving nature of technology may unsettle teachers, who may experience themselves as perpetual novices.” Harris, J., Mishra, P., & Koehler, M. (2009).

This presentation focuses on different methods employed at Bond University to support academic staff and encourage them to feel comfortable designing, implementing and evaluating digital teaching learning activities while using Blackboard. These methods have ensured successful adoption of the platform by educators, while maximising the educational returns on the Bond University student and guaranteeing that the minimum requirements of our online Learning Management University Policy were met.

Reflecting on the design process we used at Bond University, we will recount the strategies we used and discuss common challenges that leaders may face themselves moving academics from using offline resources in a classroom, to an online environment while still retaining a face to face presence.

This is an exciting ongoing project for Bond University and one that will continue to bring online consistency and continuity to Bond University students throughout their academic journey.

Participants will take away ideas to support educators who are still at the beginning stages of adapting their teaching resources, styles and situations into a changing technological environment.