TLCANZ18: Avoiding Rollover Fever

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Avoiding Rollover Fever



The subject of rollovers - transitioning a course from one teaching period into the next - is a hot subject in the Moodle administration space. At Moodlemoot IE/UK 2018, 'archiving and roll over tools' was the fifth most popular item on the Features Wishlist (


Flinders University undertake a comprehensive rollover process twice a year. During 'Rollover Season', eLearning staff contact every topic coordinator, collect their configuration requirements, and perform the arduous task of repeatedly importing, adding, cleaning up, and configuring content - and we try to complete every course in a brief window of about 10 days.


The repetitive and mentally strenuous task leads to a condition I've dubbed 'Rollover Fever'. To reduce cognitive overload, create built-in efficiency, and increase consistency across the University's courses, we built our own Rollover Tool.


In this talk, I will discuss:

  1. How we use Web Services to automate manual processes, and apply boilerplate artefacts across all of our topics consistently.
  2. Communicating the rollover process with topic coordinators. Our current tools, and future plans.
  3. Integrating with external data. How we currently use data feeds from other University systems to pre-populate user input, and my future vision to bring together other pre-teaching tasks into a one-stop-shop tool.