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Course Completion in Moodle

Now that Moodle Core is using the Course Completion settings in the Dashboard, and SNAP is defaulting to showing course completion you may want to consider how you are using course completion settings in each of your course activities. Up until this last term our university was allowing students to track assignment completion on their own defaulting to "Students can mark their assignments as complete." This option was great for students who wanted to track their progress in a course, but it also caused mass confusion when students began seeing the Completion Chart next to the Grade Chart.


The progress meter is measuring how much of a course a student has completed. This differs from the grades assigned and is measured by the course completion settings that are found within each activity.


Using Bulk Editor to Modify Course Completion Settings

Thankfully, with this functionality also comes the ability to perform bulk updates to courses to change completion settings for course activities. To access the bulk editor and to update course completion settings follow these steps:

  1. Choose "Course Completion" from the settings gear in either SNAP or Boost
  2. Choose the "Bulk Edit Activity Completion" tab from the Edit Course Completion Settings Menu.

Resetting all activities to none

To ensure that you capture all of the activity completion settings, I recommend setting the completion tracking to none for all activities first. Then you can clearly see which activities you have set and which you haven't.

  1. Select the checkbox next to Activities/Resources. (This will select all of the activities)
  2. Choose the Edit button located above the list.

  3. Set the Completion Dropdown setting to "Do not indicate activity completion
  4. Click Save Changes.

Setting completion settings for each activity type

At this point it's important to note that different activities have different settings available. It's always best to only select activities from a specific type so that you can see and set all of the activities from that type. If you mix up activity types you will be limited in your completion options.

  1. Select each activity type that you want to set completion settings for. I.E. All discussions, all assignments, or all page resources.
  2. Click the edit button above the list of available activities
  3. On the bulk editing screen that appears, review the icons for the list of selected items at the bottom to ensure you have selected only one type of activity.
  4. Set your completion settings for that activity type and choose Save Changes


It takes a little time to complete for each course, but is MUCH faster than navigating into each completion activity yourself.

Hope this helps!

- Mike Wilday

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