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UPDATE : the new information gathering building block for SaaS migration will give you information about compatibility (cf James' comment below). Yay !


As a lot of institutions are transitioning to SaaS, and testing their building blocks, I also see here and there references to alternatives and LTI versions of B2 (Building Blocks), so I thought I'd try to gather what I find as well as encourage the community to contribute to this document by reporting on their own tests.


As a reminder :

  1. You'll find here Dropbox - BBLearn - Summary table about the use of b2 and LTI (1).docx a guideline of what to expect regarding your B2s and whether they'll work in SaaS
  2. You'll find here guidelines to make your B2 compatible Preparing Your Building Blocks For Learn SaaS and Newer Learn Versions as well as the short webinar Preparing Your Custom B2 for the SaaS Deployment of Blackboard Learn
  3. Generally speaking :
  • B2s developped by Blackboard or by Blackboard consulting will work or will be fixed if needed by Blackboard
  • B2s developped by third party (Turnit in, Pearson, etc ....) : you should get in touch with them to make sure they fix their B2 if needed, so it's compatible with SaaS
  • B2s developped in-house : you'll have to test and fix it yourself, using guidelines above and possibly with the help of the community (Developer group). Or you may ask Bb Consulting to quote what if would take for them to fix it for you.
  • B2s developped by other institutions : you should get in touch with them. If they're in SaaS, chances are they've made the B2 compatible. If they're not in SaaS yet, getting it compatible will depend on their ressources and/or willingness to collaborate on the dev

NB :

  • Please contribute to this document by editing it.
  • This is to be used as a guidelines, it by no means guarantees compatibility or Bb endorsement of B2s listed here : you still do have to test all your B2 during the migration process.


NameDeveloped byOk in SaaS 9.1Ok in SaaS Ultra nav & 9.1 CourseOk in SaaS Ultra nav & Ultra courseOk in SaaS admin sideAlternative ?Tested byDate
Comments and reference
Bb Stats

Szymon Machajewski


GitHub - OSCELOT/BbStats: BbStats reports data on LMS tool adoption. It also tracks concurrent sessions on the system a…

YYYYSzymon Machajewski and Jeff Kelley

Fixed by Szymon, Github link is the fixed version

Upcoming features: Bb mobile stats, active/inactive course graphs in historical view

Web Browser
SignUp ListDurham UniversityNNNn/aYes : LTI version GitHub - blackboard/BBDN-SignUp-List: This project is the migration from the Durham SignUp List tool to an LTI Tool Prov…Scott Hurrey
JS Hacks

All the Ducks

OSCELOT Projects > Projects > Javascript Hacks for Blackboard > Home


GitHub - AllTheDucks/jshack: Blackboard building block - JS Hack

YYN?Jeff Kelley

JS Hack and alternatives in SaaS

Javascript Hacks Tool - Compatible with Ultra?

ImpersonateUSFNn/an/aNImpersonate B2 with SaaS
Open Photo Roster

Szymon Machajewski

GitHub - OSCELOT/Blackboard-Open-Source-Photo-Roster: OPEN PHOTO ROSTER 1 Abstract “ Remember that a person's name is, t…



The Open Photo Roster is a B2, which is providing a course roster made of Blackboard Avatar pictures and Gravatar pictures out of the box. Advanced feature of Photo IDs from the campus id system is also available by contacting


Y* The Saas Ultra Course requires LTI configuration available from


Video demo: Blackboard Open Photo Roster - Saas with Bb Avatars and Gravatar - YouTube


What's new in the photo roster:

What's new in the Open Photo Roster?

AppServerIDGitHub - OSCELOT/AppServerID: The system provides information about the current application server. In a load balanced e…YYYY
My Messages

Robert Seletsky on behalf of The University of New Mexico IT


GitHub - OSCELOT/MyMessages

YYNYBb Admins via Bb Community since UNM is Self HostedMy Messages B2 for SaaS including plans to move to Amazon Corretto 11 (Original Experience) 
Qwickly: Multi-Course Tools

Qwickly Inc.,

YYNYQwickly Inc and many deployed clientsAug 22 2018At this time, Qwickly multi-course tools work fine in SaaS, Learn Original experience, but no alternative to modules in Ultra.
Qwickly Attendance

Qwickly Inc.,
YYNYQwickly Attendance LTI is available and now recommended. Qwickly Attendance B2 support will end July 1, 2020.Qwickly Inc and many deployed clientsAug 22 2018Qwickly Attendance cannot be deployed in the course navigation in Ultra due to lack of placement option.
Qwickly Jot

Qwickly Inc.,
YYNYQwickly IncAug 22 2018Qwickly Jot LTI is planned for release between July 1, 2019 and July 1, 2020.
Login As

Login As Another User

GitHub - OSCELOT/LoginAs: This building block allows the administrator to create a valid session as a different user. Fo…

Szymon Machajewski

YYYYImpersonate B2.Szymon Machajewski8/28GitHub - OSCELOT/LoginAs: This building block allows the administrator to create a valid session as a different user. Fo…
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