How to build trust, enable your data strategy, and feature privacy protection on Blackboard

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Around the world, and here in the US, we are seeing a movement towards control of personal information by people.  Schools, colleges, and universities hear this call more than others, and regulators and laws are following.  In fact, in just the last few weeks, the State of California passed one of the most significant privacy laws in the United States.In this session, the CEO of (and a former Government leader on privacy, data protection, and open data) will discuss:- Some of the major trends around privacy and data protection, especially under the new California Law and the EU General Data Protection Regulation; - How privacy requirements and the features in Blackboard can actually drive your data strategy; and - How Blackboard and WireWheel will enable schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions to comply faster and more efficiently with their privacy and data protection obligations.


Presenter: Darcy Antonipillai