Moving from Self or Managed Hosting to SaaS

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Moving from a self- or managed-hosting environment to SaaS is a process with many moving parts. The members of this panel represent high education institutions that:

-completed the process over a year ago

-recently completed the process

-are currently going through the process.


Topics will include:

-Factors that affect the timeline (e.g., contract, migration, testing)

-Full Migration versus Course Migration

-Continuous Delivery versus Flexible Deployment

-Effect on Analytics (i.e., A4L, Open DB Access, ASR)

-SIS Integration

-Building Blocks (third-party versus Blackboard)

-Original Experience versus Ultra Experience

-Original Course View versus Ultra Course View

-Ultra Pilot Program (UPP)


Presenters: Cheryl Bermani-McCann, John Blackwell, Peter Cronin, Bradley Katz, Brian McIntyre, Kathy Saville