A systematic approach to nailing your next Moodlerooms LMS upgrade. #ManagingChange

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Do you struggle to keep up with Moodlerooms LMS upgrades and rollout changes without any hiccups? Do you have limited staffing resources for completing upgrades? Do your stakeholders complain about the frequent LMS changes and the required downtime, instead of embracing the positive changes and new features? Do you encounter bugs and issues after an upgrade? We migrated our LMS to Moodlerooms in April 2014 and since then, we have been performing upgrades twice a year. In this session we will share our journey, as we walk you through our systematic process of scheduling upgrades, testing new features, communicating changes and conducting training, whilst taking into account the needs of our stakeholders - faculty, staff and students. Best practices and tips to minimize downtime, prepare and gain buy-in from stakeholders, as well as communication strategies to promote new functionalities will be discussed, to ensure a successful and smooth upgrade.


Presenter: Cherisse Mahabir-Cletus