Purdue and Kaltura: Using Integrations to Deliver an Incredible Video Experience!

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At Purdue University, video content comes from multiple sources. From a video lecture created by a faculty member in their office, to one created in a self-service recording studio, to an assignment requiring students to record themselves attending an event, or an archived session from the web conferencing service, the need for a platform to effectively deliver video content is critical. Purdue has partnered with Kaltura to deliver streamed content. With multiple integrations across campus applications, including Blackboard, video content created by faculty can be shared in their courses, on social media and beyond. With Kaltura managing storage for Purdue's video content, purchasing and managing storage devices is completely unnecessary and the content remains available at all times. Come learn how Purdue is leveraging its partnership with Kaltura to provide an incredible video experience for faculty, staff, students, alumni and the entire community!


Presenters: Brett Creech, Leo Smith