From Green to Red and Back Again: Our Road to SaaS Ultra Migration

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Northeastern State University's recent migration from Learn 9.1 on Managed Hosting to Learn with Ultra on SaaS has brought distinct advantages, significant challenges, and ample growing pains. Our presentation and Q&A will explore with attendants our plan for migration, the elements that made migration appealing for us, the realities of the migration process, the communication strategies we used, and the challenges and benefits we've experienced since being on SaaS and Learn with Ultra. By the time we're done, attendants should have a deeper understanding of how a potential migration to SaaS and or Learn with Ultra will affect their institutions.The panel will consist of members of the Northeastern State University IT and Center for Teaching and Learning departments. Also, connecting remotely will be university faculty members who were directly impacted by the migration. Each panel member will discuss how the migration and aftermath affected their interaction with Blackboard.


Presenters: Maria Chrisian, Harrison Dragoo, Erik Harris, Jessica Martin, Spence Pilcher, Richard Reif