Creating an Accessible Campus Culture

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In 2016, the University of Hartford formed an Accessibility Committee to address the growing needs for inclusion on campus.  The university has since been making strides to provide a more universal and accessible learning environment for its students. Supported by the Provost's office, various staff and faculty members forming the Accessibility Committee have been meeting to develop goals and a roadmap. Substantial progress has been made as follows:

-Creation of a university-wide policy on information and communication of technology accessibility, including accountability on the part of faculty and staff to provide accessible content, including a training requirement.

-Audit of all software used for academic purposes and University websites to assess whether they meet accessibility standards.

-Audit of physical classroom technologies for ADA Compliance.

-Investigation/purchase of a campus-wide captioning solution.

-Investigation/purchase of Blackboard Ally for providing just-in-time accessible content and training to faculty.-        Development of a training model for providing accessibility training to faculty and staff (in progress).

-Development of a campus-wide Accessibility campaign (in progress).


Presenter: Bevin Rainwater