I4I: Embedding “Information for Instructors” into Bb Courses

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Getting faculty to engage with development and support resources can be exceedingly difficult.The Office of Digital Learning at Illinois Tech has used many of the standard  techniques with varying degrees of success. Things like newsletters and email. We continue to develop and provide these materials, but starting with the fall 2018 academic term, we added a hidden link ("Info for Instructors") to our generic course template.Building off the ideas of on-demand support and leveraging existing materials, every course in our environment provides faculty direct access to a “Blackboard @ IIT” webpage that is optimized with very specific support materials, as well as providing a quick archive to web versions of all of the email content we send out.Faculty have the opportunity to use that as a primary means by which to access that page as well as using it to streamline recalling items they might have seen elsewhere (e.g., our emails). The 2017-18 academic year constitutes our initial effort and we anticipate changes as we refine what we can provide this way.


Presenters: Bradley Katz, Matthew West