Using Parent/Child Course Relationships in Blackboard Beyond Faculty Convenience

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Illinois Institute of Technology has adopted parent/child courses as a comprehensive, universal model for how the institution constitutes its academic term in Blackboard.Illinois Tech relies on the integration between its SIS (Banner) and Blackboard to create academic course shells. This parent/child approach developed as an operational way to streamline and systematize some non-automated, administrative tasks at the start of the term. It has allowed us to standardize and simplify some support and training, as well as allowing the organization to manage course enrollments via the child sections while focusing on content, instruction and even user experience via the parent courses.Although not originally intended as such, our approach has allowed Illinois Tech to move forward with a rollout of Ultra global navigation in a hybrid environment (original and Ultra experience courses), providing concrete strategies and methods for managing both the initial launch and planned scale-up of the new UX. This session will cover planning and implementation, as well some ongoing issues and concerns identified along the way.


Presenters: Bradley Katz, Matthew West