Adapt Learn Automatically with Template Variables

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This presentation covers a unified course design featuring techniques for automatically hiding or displaying content based on the course ID using template variables, CSS and JavaScript injection. The technique allows the use of the same course seamlessly in both fully online and blended delivery modes, automatically hiding or displaying content for different formats.  This method does not require administrator access and allows for experimentation without affecting other courses. A demonstration on how to hide or display content at various levels, from pages to sections, to individual characters; how to get syllabi to display different (or no) due dates to different audiences; and how to make this work with content that appears outside of the Learn frame, such as concatenated module pages. The advantages and disadvantages of working with different kinds of course copies and linked HTML pages, the basics of JavaScript injection, and where to store elements for the greatest flexibility will all be explained.


Presenters: Andrew Abrahams, Dan Hillman