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What’s happening to CourseSites?

Blackboard is building an updated and improved version of CourseSites.  Whether you’re an instructor that wants to add an online or blended component to your in-classroom lesson delivery or want to teach a fully online course, (or if you just want to see what's new in Blackboard Learn) the new CourseSites will be a great option for you.


Why is this happening?

We are planning to move CourseSites to the cloud with the new user interface (the Ultra Experience) to provide you with a first-rate online teaching experience. The interface is more personalized, proactive, and intuitive for learners and educators. You’ll also see newer features faster and don’t have to worry about the system being down since platform is in the cloud.


What is going to happen to the current CourseSites?

Once the new platform is available, both will exist in parallel for some time.  You’ll have ample time to export your previous courses and import them into the new environment. And don’t worry, we’ll communicate all of these dates well in advance to allow adequate planning.


When will this transition occur?

We are planning to launch the new Coursesites in the Spring of 2018; we’ll share concrete deadlines in the coming weeks and months.


What can I do to prepare?

There are no major action items at this point, but in the interim we do encourage you to keep your CourseSites courses up-to-date and have an updated export ready to go. While logged in as a CourseSites instructor, you can export your course(s) and save the .zip package on your local machine to ensure you always have a backup ready to go. Once the new environment is up and running, you can import your course into the new platform and be good to go. Forgot how to export your courses? Don’t worry; click here for instructions.


What happens to the old course material?

CourseSites data will be stored for several months (per the CourseSites Terms of Use) to allow instructors sufficient time to back-up their data and retain copies of their courses. We’ll share a specific timeframe in the coming months.


Can I preserve the course for archive purposes?

Yes, you can export and archive your course(s) by saving the .zip package on your local machine.


I no longer see in-line grading in CourseSites. What’s happening?


How can I get updates around this project?

Prior to any changes being implemented, all CourseSites users will be notified in advance via email. Additionally, updates will be posted on the CourseSites Login Page and on our dedicated Blackboard Community Site page. You can also subscribe to the Community group to receive email notifications every time there is an update


I have questions. Where do I go for answers?

As with any transition, we anticipate questions from our clients and are here to help! We’ve created two channels for you to engage with us: 

  • Join our Blackboard Community page
  • Alternatively, you can reach out to our CourseSites Support Team by visiting the CourseSites Support page.